I find myself day-dreaming at times to take me out of my stupor on those dull , unenergetic days . I imagine the future with the bells and whistles and remember the beautiful times of the past. I fantasize of being in places that make me happy. Let me share a secret with you – you can totally use it next time you are feeling low or just want to feel like a star. Put on your favorite pair of shoes and head out for a walk. Don’t worry if you are in your home sweater or about how your hair looks. Step out and imagine throngs of paparazzi camped out. Put on your fantasy cap and imagine them screaming your name, begging you to smile,asking you to pose and ahem – oblige. Blame me not if you actually start smiling, start feeling fabulous and are ready to kick ass at whatever you’ve got to do. Feeling glamorous inside can do wonders to who you are on the outside. Its silly but it works – trust me. In these fantasy moments, I can’t help jamming ” Click Click .. Flash” in my head and ” I feel so picture perfect beautiful ” in reality.






Free People Tee, American Eagle destroyed denim, Kensie sunnies -c\o,Chanel Espadrilles, Louis Vuitton bag




Most Loved This Month



You know what is the toughest job in the world? I think its that of a teacher. Aside from the pressure of shaping your student’s future, influencing them to make career and life decisions – there is the everyday courage to stand up in front of that class and deliver. It is standing there and delivering knowing you are being judged. Its looking past that every single day and selflessly sharing your knowledge . Last month when my professor from grad school invited me to do a guest lecture in his class ( really?? honored beyond words ! ), I took exactly no time to say yes. While I was giving the lecture to the fabulous group of students – I realized how much goes into those 60 min – the preparation, the subject matter expertise to tackle any question thrown at you, to be ready for judgment and most importantly to make a difference. There is so much I attribute to my teachers, I wouldn’t be standing there giving that lecture if it weren’t for each one of you. I am eternally grateful for every minute you spent on me, dear teachers.

So if you were wondering where I was in the last couple of days, I was doing that, rehearsing for my upcoming show and prancing in the spring sun. I love how just tying a shirt into a knot brings an edge to the outfit. Wear the shirt the normal way tucked in at work and tie into a knot later,  swap your office bag for a little handbag or a clutch – such an effortless transition from day to drinks ! Isn’t this necklace simply so adorbs! I love this online boutique – they have such beautiful pieces and for crazy low prices. I am always on the hunt for places where you can go a little overboard with your temptations and still stay within budget.





loveplayingdressup1Qmack shirt – similar here & here, Francesca’s skirt, EdithMarie KellyB necklace c/o, Zara pumps – similar here & here, RayBan aviators, Jimmy Choo handbag ( beautiful save option )


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All rolled into one

I’m a bitch, I’m a lover
I’m a child, I’m a mother
I’m a sinner, I’m a saint
I do not feel ashamed I’m your hell
I’m your dream, I’m nothing in between
You know you wouldn’t want it any other way

I find myself subconsciously jamming these words. These are my absolute favourite lyrics about myself – about any woman. I wouldn’t have said it any other way.You ask why the sudden glorification. Honestly – I feel like that ALL the time ( not arrogance – but PRIDE ) I am a woman above everything! The truth is,  I have been feeling very pumped-up lately. The spirit and energy around me is contagious. VDay Cambridge Co-operative is having their 5th production of the Vagina Monologues. The cast is a group of supremely talented and spunky women and you might or might not spot me on the stage 🙂


If you are in the Boston area – I highly recommend { and personally invite } you to come see the show. It’s funny, moving and something you wouldn’t want to miss. Read about the show and the get the tickets here – because I can’t wait to see you there 🙂



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Afternoon Tea Party


One of my favourite traditions with mom has been our afternoon tea dates. It started with me inviting her over to  my doll house and serving tea in mini teacups { that came with barbie and her kitchen set }. We continued our sessions every afternoon I came back from school – tea for her , milk and biscuits for me over silly school stories. Fast forward many years, and even today, I look forward to our endless gossip sessions over tea. There’s something about afternoon tea parties that I absolutely love – the prospect of the afternoon lazily  stretching in front of you , with nothing really on the agenda – just some close friends chatting away to glory. Lately, I have been aching to host one for my girls and here’s a round-up of the things I have my heart on –3-30-2014 1-23-56 PM

Tea-pot Set, Appetizer Plates, Tea-bag Caddy, Cookies, 3-tier Server 

You can always order scones or macaroons from your local bakery. These sandwiches are perfect to pair with the sweetness galore and very easy to make. Make a trip to a thrift store and you might find some really cute vinatage china. Keep it simple or go all out – tea parties can be a great stage to bring out the hostess inside you. Don’t worry about etiquetees. Its okay if you don’t know which side to keep your spoon after stirring the tea – just dont forget to have fun ! Check out some of my “hostess with the mostess” picks on Pinterest and let me know some one of yours 🙂

P.S. If you are in the Boston area, you have to try the afternoon tea at The Langham – nothing like it!



Most Loved This Month