Secrets of the Shoe Closet


“Really and truly you can never have too many pairs; they are all different.
You need a pair for every mood – and everyone knows that women have a lot of different moods.”

Every girl dreams of having a shoe collection like Carrie Bradshaw and a closet to host that collection, built by her “Mr.Big”. In my humble opinion – finding the Mr.Big of your life  is possible , but having that  dream-like-walk-in closet might  just be a myth.  Shoes are definitely our priced possessions and there are a few things we can do to keep our shoe collection super impressive.


  • Sole- Care:
    Wipe the shoe-soles with a slightly damp towel to remove the dirt stains. This will prevent the dirt from drying up and leaving ugly patches on the sole.
  •  Removing snow/salt stains:
    If you live in snowy regions – I feel your pain sister. Instead of making a trip to the cleaners – try the traditional method of using little vinegar mixed with water and rubbing gently with a sponge.
  • Retaining the luster:
    Let’s face it – if we’ve spent a fortune on a pair of shoes, we want them to last really long.  There are tons of shoe-care products available in the market – but I’ve got a few non-expensive tricks up my sleeves  that work just fine.  Nail polish remover or a little bit nivea (cream) can be used to remove scuff marks off patent leather pumps.




  • Avoiding boot-slump:
    I hate it when the top of the boots droop lifelessely and cause creases. To avoid that boot-slump, simply use old magazines to stuff your boots to retain the structure.
  • Shoe Boxes:
    Using under-the-bed storage boxes or storing boxes on the top shelves of closets are good options when there isn’t much space available. These are some of the options – Under the bed : 1//2  or In-shelf shoe-boxes like these ones


Shoe Displays



If  you have the benfit of real-estate available for having a shoe-display at home – these are some of my favourite options currently available here , here & here.  Book-shelves can also be used as alternatives for displaying your coveted shoe collection.Imagine all your shoes flaunted in this cute shelf.



Of all impulsive purchases possible – an impulsive shoe snag can cause the most remorse { I have more “sitting” shoes than wearable ones – true story } My new rule is to only buy shoes that will go with atleast 3 outfits in my closet . { rule testing period will begin after a few days – I promise )

Pack-up out of season shoes & donate the ones you never wear,  to keep a clean & de-cluttered closet.


If you have any other ideas of organzing these little priced possessions – do leave me a comment.
I love finding new ways of organzing my stuff and keeping things neat & pretty .







Most Loved This Month

Black or White



Let’s close our eyes and imagine a world where everything is either right or wrong and where answers to our questions were either yes or no.  A world where results were predictable and every consequence was black or white ! Many times, there are two voices in our head, each one screaming on top of the other to be heard. And there are times when they are both right. The choice is eventually ours to make. I wish there were some rules – some clearly defined formula providing the exact outputs to the inputs we provide. No exceptions. While, we  hope for a simpler life – where we wouldn’t have to decipher the gray matter, or test the waters and would just know what the future holds –  the best we can all do is simplify the challenges and accept that there is going to be gray and infact a lot of other colors that we have to experience and enjoy !

On another note – what do you think of my black cape ?  I cant gush enough of how much I love it – its very stylish , doesn’t weigh  down my shoulders like the bulky winter jackets and the oh-my-god-you-cant-believe-the-price tag it comes with… $15 !!! Sammy Dress is an online store that has some really  fashionable pieces and with a prices that don’t break your wallets. Check out these dresses below$25 : peplum, plaid , party & some of this cute outerwear.The obvious next question is “quality” – well, its actually very good.  I was a bit wary myself at first – but was pleasantly surprised at how good their stuff looks and feels. Definitely worth checking out !

cape2 cape3 cape4

cape6 cape5

Sammy Dress woolen cape, Mango top (similar items with lace sleeves 1//2 ) ,

Asos skirt, Forever21 heart tights ( similar ), Asos booties ( similar 1//),

Forever21 cuff, H&M rings, Kate Spade Beau Bag









Most Loved This Month

The Real Valentine

It seemed like the end ! Nobody was ready  for it. The roads were getting narrower, scarier and the weather wasn’t on their side. Everyone prayed in unison – the onset of tragedy bringing people together. But she seemed unmoved, unnerved with a rather content look on her face. He was sitting next to her and was annoyed by her calmness. Not able to contain his anger much longer – he confronted her – “How can you be so calm through this turbulence. Aren’t you afraid that the bus might fall off the cliff and all of us could die ?”
She smiled… and said that she wasn’t scared because she was confident that nothing would happen to any of them.
“Why? Are you waiting for a miracle?” he asked sarcastically.
“No, because my husband is the driver of this bus & he won’t let anything happen to me” – she smiled !

That’s the valentine I am talking about. A valentine is someone who has your back – who is going walk behind you to hold you – when you fall, in front of you to lead the way – when you are lost and  next to you – to be there for you… always !

A valentine could be anyone in our lives – partner, parent, friend & the forever one – yourself !  coz no one aint there for you like your own lovely self !  Never forget that sister !

Happy Valentines day
A1 A5
Trouve Blazer, Denim shirt  – similar 1//2,
Forever21 skinny pants {sold out on the website } – similar 1//2,
Express Fedora { currently on sale for just $12 ! } , Booties – similar 1//2//3, Louis Vuitton Bag 




Most Loved This Month

Relax & Recharge

When you swim you don’t grab hold of the water, because if you do you will sink and drown.
Instead you relax, and float.


I am constantly running – if not physically then mentally. I cannot sit still,  not having something on my agenda makes me impatient . I need to have a plan for the day as soon as  I get up. That doesn’t mean, I will stick to it entirely or get everything done – but I want to be able to cross things off my list.  I also need that list to be big , be concrete even if each item on it is small and meager.  There’s this constant feeling of so much to do – so little time. But after a few whirlwind days of trying to get things done to even getting some done – I realize, this cant go on !  There needs to be a break, a time to sort things out, to reset priorities and refuel to come back and start the cycle again. That’s when I want to – I need to relax, to float, to let go and feel the freedom!


Recently, when Front Row Shop asked me to try some of their clothes – I instantly fell in love with their collection. I have always talked about my love ( and importance ) of comfortable clothing. Some of their pieces have the simply-slip-on-and-relax vibe.
It is very fashion forward-front row stuff, not to mention – affordable ! If ever given a chance to attend NYFW ( which btw kicked off today ) – I know I’d be picking a few pieces for sure . ( a girl can dream, right? 🙂 )
Some of the items on my wishlist – ( all below $60 ) & they have free world-wide shipping options.
Dresses & Skirts  : 1//2//3
Tops & Jackets  : 1//2//3
Accessories : 1//2//3
Front Row Shop sweatshirt C/o , Front Row Shop beanie C/o ($18 only  & my new fav ! ) , Zara denim – similar 1 //2($24) //3 (in multiple fits & sizes), Gucci messenger bag, Prada sunnies, Zara pumps ( available in stores ) – similar 1// 2 ( flats version )// 3



Most Loved This Month