Knee high socks

True to human nature – I remain in usual denial of changes that happen around me.There is always an eventual gradual acceptance – like for now – I am holding back on bringing out those high boots and jackets out 🙂 For this “in-between” weather, knee high socks are my perfect mates.They keep my legs warm and look ultra cute.To be perfectly honest – I’d be sporting them all year round ,may be because of the preppy vibes they give. The best part about these knee-high-boot-socks is that they pair well with most style of shoes – oxfords,booties -open or closed toes and any sort of heels – platforms,pointy,pumps.

So pull up your socks and definitely give this playful, nerdy trend a try !

Jcrew sweater – similar herehere here , Self-designed skirt – similar , Rugby socks ( so sad that Rugby has closed shop 🙁 ) – similar here & here, Prada wristlet, Houndstooth and Nail Love ring -C/o , Piperlime Booties 

Most Loved This Month

Peacock Inspiration

There’s just something about the colors of the peacock that I gravitate so naturally towards. Maybe it is the the color combination, the iridescent bursting of shades, the mix of hues – that nature so effortlessly put together.  This blue top from Our World Boutique reminded me of the pretty colors in a peacock. I knew it would pair perfectly with my pencil skirts – which by the way are a fall staple in my wardrobe! Extending my love for all things-peacock …  this bangle from India Trend is my new BFF. I literally have been pairing it with every outfit ( like this one) and it just goes with everything.

Our World Boutique Top – C/o, Forever 21 Skirt (on sale right now for $18 ! )  similar options here & here, India Trend Peacock Bangle – C/o, Forever 21 Peackcok Ring, Louts Blossom Design Earrings – C/o ,Betsy Johnson clutch (gift) , Asos heels

Besides, I have always associated peacocks with dance – that’s why the peacock feather tattoo on my ankle. Dance has been and will always be life. It has been a platform for me to emote, rejoice and vent.I miss the stage and wish I could and would dance as much as I used to. The stage has always given me a sense of security and belonging and I am eternally grateful for that !

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Eyeing these trends !

Changing seasons means more shopping!Girlfriend has to keep up with the changing trends – now doesn’t she 😉 Here are some trends my closet is craving for as I transition into fall this year !

Btw..its officially just 100 days left to Christmas..the holiday season is so near 🙂 Cant wait already :):) 

Hope everyone had a great start to the week !

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Statement Jewelry

A LOT of the times , when I stand in front of my closet , I want to scream “I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR” ! C’mon – you’ve felt that as well .. haven’t you ? And sure – its been more than once !

 I have a knack for staring at my closet hoping for an inspiration to hit or a new outfit to magically appear.What I resort to at these times is sprucing up a simple dress with some statement pieces.Adding some statement jewelry adds a refreshing twist to an outfit – something I picked up from my mom. ( most of my jewelry stash is accountable to my pillaging mom’s collection 🙂 )

While it does get tempting  to own 365 outfits for 365 days,accessorizing and playing with what we’ve got works just about as well 🙂

Fransesca’s Dress , H&M Necklace – similar , India Trend bangle C/o , Be Dazzled ring (gift) , Steve Madden heels, Michael Kors tote 

Have a great weekend everyone!

Most Loved This Month