Oversized Sweaters

Big, baggy, oversized clothing might not be everybody’s cup of tea – but lets be honest – is there anyone who loves being in form fitting, body con dresses all the time ? Well, I absolutely love bundling up in oversized clothes – like you’ve seen me here ! At the risk of sounding thrifty – I prefer wearing my brother’s hand me downs to the gym instead of wearing the “body skimming – moisture wicking” gear. It gives me a lot of room to breathe ( and sweat ! ) Even at home – you’ll see me sprawled over the bed reading a book in my husband’s shirts.  I can use all the extra room to hide the traces of overeating I do on weekends **blush**. Oversized sweaters are a rage every sweater season – they are great for layering – can be  pulled over tanks, shirts, dresses & they look great with skinnies, leather pants, skirts shorts .. basically most of the stuff from your closet. I get a lot of wear out of my oversized (and clearly my brother’s & husband’s) clothing for sure 🙂

Urban Outfitter Sweater ( some other oversized  favorites –  1//2//3) , Free People skinnies – similar 1//2
Alexander McQueen Scarf ( less expensive options : 1//2) , 
Kate Spade BagTory Burch flats, Prada sunglasses

Hope everyone has a great weekend !

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Back to basics for 9 to 5

Mornings during this transitional seasons can be such chores ! I cannot find a legitimate reason to leave the warm comfort of my bed. And then ofcourse, there isn’t enough time to get ready for work. I don’t know how my friends and colleagues who have kids – get the kids ready for school and still manage to look radiantly put-together when they come to work. They must have super powers ! As for me –  I have a dress-up formula for such guilty mornings 🙂 A simple blouse , skirt, throw on a pair of tights and add some booties to the mix. The best thing about such basic pieces is that if you repeat a piece in the same week and pair it with another basic piece – chances are , no one would even notice the repeat telecast 🙂

Hope everyone had a great start of the week. The festival of Diwali began this weekend and I am in a desert-coma.  I feel like I’ve fulfilled my quota for the rest of the year ( and the next one ) in these 2 days 🙂

Asos blouse, Topshop Skirt (similar ), Michael Kors Booties ( similar – 1//2), 
Tory Burch cuff, Forever21 tights, Tory Burch earrings, Louis Vuitton Bag

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Dressup Diva of the Month – October ’13

This month  , I had the amazing opportunity to meet 2 amazing stylists at James Joseph – an award winning salon and voted amongst the top 100 salons in America. Vildan Ocalan is an advanced stylist at the Salon and has experience in styling for fashion shows, photo shoots and TV commercials  She is here today sharing some of her hair styling secrets and giving some tips to dressup for the holidays.

1)  Define your own personal style?

My own personal style is eclectic, a little bohemian, and always evolving. It changes day to day depending on my mood.

What is one style tip that you can give the busy women that could make a world of difference? Maybe it’s just one particular product that they should be using or one thing they should be absolutely doing to take care of their hair or make it look fabulous?
Dry shampoo is every busy woman’s secret weapon! Use it to hide excess oiliness or just for added volume and texture to make your style last longer. Bumble and Bumble has several different kinds including a traditional powder called Pret a Powder, tinted aerosol powder spray, and my favorite Dryspun Finish spray.

3)  Can you suggest some hairstyle which is quick, easy, and trendy and would be great to pull off for the holidays?
My go-to quick hairstyle that’s perfect for the holidays is a high bun, extra points if you have bangs. Super easy and chic, go online for how-to tutorials.

4) There are a lot of things that seem to be at war with the hair – heat, multitude of products, hair color, dust – how do you suggest that we can take care of hair while still be constantly styling it.
 Sometimes we over style our hair and forget that we need to give it some TLC every once in a while. In addition to regular maintenance at your salon, I recommend doing at home deep conditioning treatments every couple of weeks, especially in the winter months when our hair can really use the extra moisture. We carry a wide array of deep conditioning products at James Joseph including some great ones from Morrocan Oil and Kerastase.

5)  What are some of your recommended hair accessories that can be used to jazz up an updo?
One of my favorite trends recently when it comes to hair accessories are hats! From vintage inspired hats to slouchy knit caps, I think it is a great way to have fun with your hairstyle.

6) What type of clients do you prefer – the ones who know exactly what style they want or the ones who leave everything up to your judgment?
It’s hard to say what type of client I prefer working with because I love when a person has a vision for their hair and knows exactly what their style is, but of course I also love when I get to play a big role in helping to create a personalized hairstyle for my client.

7) Favorite hair discovery/secret that can change the world !
 A hair discovery or “secret” that I really believe in, and I don’t think it’s much of a secret anymore, is to cut down on the amount that you wash your hair. It is better for the overall condition of your hair and scalp, and not to mention it helps the longevity of your hair color.

8) What is your own particular favorite hairstyle of all time?
 My favorite hairstyle of all time…what an immense question! Any hairstyle that my client feels the most confident in is my favorite hairstyle for them. As for me, I feel the most confident with beachy waves. And maybe a great hat!

9) What do you love most about being a stylist?
The thing I love most about being a hairstylist is the feeling I get when the person in my chair is thrilled about their hair.

The right stylist can change your life. You’ll just know it when you meet the stylist made for  you – not sure about the whole husband – wife thing – but THIS relation is definitely made in heaven. After meeting Vildan, upon hearing to her colleagues rave about her and manily her passion into styling – her following of loyal clients makes complete sense.Thank you Vildan for being a part of this feature. 

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Pearly Giveaway – open worldwide

I have accepted that I can never be the woman who laughs softly or talks in a voice audible only to the person next to her. Neither can I say that I have never spilled wine on my evening dress nor do I know how to master the “right” way of sitting with my legs crossed. Dad tells me that a lady should never cry in public – but I become quite the drama queen when I have to see off a close friend at the airport. Well – I guess , Jane Austen would never approve of me 🙂 
BUT ( of course there’s a but 🙂 ) I sure can play dressup like a lady. What better than pearls to exude some ladylike grace and elegance ?
When I received this pearl necklace from India Trend – I knew that besides pairing it with my Indian outfits , it would go really well with my dresses. The combination of a black sheath dress and pearls is such a classic – reminds me of Jackie O, Lady Diana or legendary Breakfast at Tiffany’s ensemble. Such epitomes !

I am very excited to bring you an amazing giveaway from India Trend Boutique – just in time for Diwali 🙂 I love that their pieces are so versatile and affordable. You must check out their Moghul inspired collection – some of the pieces are to die for. This bangle and these earrings are my favorite and would make for beautiful holiday gifts & they offer free worldwide shipping – can’t go wrong with that  🙂

Peplum sheath dress (similar options : 1//2//3 ) , Guiseppe Zanotti – similar options : 1//2 ) , India Trend necklace  – C/o , India Trend earrings – C/o 

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