Cashmere Scarf Giveaway

Express shirt, Topshop faux leather tights, Asos boots, Speak Easy Boutique scarf – C/o, Forever21 owl ring, Burberry jacket 
When someone says vacation, what I really hear is – its time to shop in London or let’s go to a beach-resort. I wonder – what was I thinking, when I agreed to go on a backpacking trip for our next “vacation” ? Then I remember, this is what I wanted for my birthday – something different, something adventurous,something I had’nt done before ! 
While I am almost giddy with excitement about the trip – I am secretly nervous about what to pack in my
 teeny-tiny backpack ( which btw is bigger than me )
 I honestly don’t know how to manage with a handful of clothes an entire month and the bigger question is – how do I survive without heels ? 🙂 

Before I take off – I have a wonderful giveaway for you. This cashmere scarf  from Speak Easy Boutique is both – fabulous & functional and is definitely going on the trip with me. Their pieces are locally made and are timeless. I have my eyes on this dress ( perfect for a holiday party ), this peplum sweater and this gingham skirt.

Use the coupon code DRESSUP10 to get 10%off any order – no minimum ! ( coupon valid until 12/31/13 – don’t miss this chance 🙂 )

If you have any issues signing up for the giveaway – please send me an email on & I’ll take care of the entry for you 🙂

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P.S : Are you loving the snowy-backdrop as much as I am right now ? 🙂

Most Loved This Month

Simple Pleasures

It is so easy and rather natural for us to take certain things for granted – especially the ones that were handed down to us on a platter. The hubby & I, each had a task on thanksgiving day, to list out the things we are grateful for in our day-to-day lives. 
Some obvious, some elementary and some silly – each entry so intrinsic.
 I think, I am getting these framed for our bed-side tables. Good reminders for simple yet  precious things that give us even the slightest ounce of happiness.

She is thankful for

He is thankful for

( try this exercise – it is so much fun. Its a good idea for a date-night spent 
in front of the fire paired with a glass of bubbly or on a family board-game night.
 Spend 20 min thinking about things 
that makes you smile – it’s beautiful !

Most Loved This Month


A little rebellion now and then is a good thing – Thomas Jefferson

I am always inclined towards softer looks – fun, flirty, feminine – yes please ! Taking a hesitant step out of my comfort zone – I bought this biker jacket.  It has the effect of  a tequila shot on me – instantly transcending from feminine coolness to edgy stubbornness. It brings out the rebellious side in me. Playing dress up is no longer just about voluminous skirts, flowing gowns  or legendary little black dresses .  Its about taking risks and being comfortable in your own skin.


 Bebe jacket – similar 1//2 Forever21 pants,  Asos booties   

( This picture makes me realize that all experiments don’t pay off after all – 
I’ll leave the non-smiling-intense-looks to the pros. 
Let’s go back to  smiling for pictures  – shall we ? 🙂 )

Most Loved This Month

Plaid Board

So many things synonymous with the holiday season – plaid is 
definitely one of them.The arrival of plaid in the store windows is like an 
announcement that winter and festivities are just around the corner. 
What I love most about plaid is how easily it can be incorporated into a 
casual daytime look and then transformed into a more dressed-up version.

However, nothing compares to this cute little plaid ornament. Every year, 
I add a new tree ornament to my collection and secretly love it more than 
the others. This might be my favorite kid this year !

Most Loved This Month