Martha’s Vineyard Getaway

Things we took for granted earlier, we truly value them now.

Like weekend getaways. A quick load of essentials, stuffed into a weekender and jetting off somewhere far, yet close. Exploring destinations close to the backyard. Those have always been my reprise after long continuous tiring weeks. Never giving much thought, spur of the moment plans, to discover something new or simply for dolce far niénte

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I did a run-through of all the books I read last year and guess what … the number is 27! I read 27 books last year. This makes me just so excited. I love coming across new ( for me ) authors or a new book by an author that I have loved reading in the post and am always looking for recommendations for my next read. Even though I barely read 15 minutes a day, I truly cherish that little window in my day.

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