Bandana-it Up !!

Today was such a phenomenal day ! I went white water rafting in western Massachusetts with my man and a few of our close friends. The truth is , I was beyond terrified of doing this – because for one- I am not the best swimmer in the world and secondly, I had heard so many stories of people falling off the raft and getting carried away..blah blah..
But it is so rightly said – What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”

I am glad I did – because now I know,  I would have missed something just because of the fear in my head.
However, tbt- I did resort to a lot of  cheering-like-non-stop-screaming to mask my fear 🙂 

We had plans to go for lunch after our rafting trip. Since I knew , that I wouldn’t be getting a chance to wash my hair until I got home – 
I used a bandana to wrap my wet/entangled/all-over-the-place tresses.

Bandanas are not just for rockstars ! They can be used to create retro or rocker  looks very easily.
All you gotta do is –

  • fold the bandana ( or a handkerchief ) in a triangle or fold it until it its about 2-3″ wide
  • pull your hair back or twist into a bun or pull up a ponytail
  • wrap it around and tie a knot at the nape of your neck, or on top of your head in a bow 

You can  style your hair with bandanas especially when you don’t have time to wash it or are simply feeling lazy 🙂

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