Skirting around in the SKORT

This cute little confused outfit  (am I a skirt – or a pair of shorts ),known as the skort –  as ridiculous as the name sounds, is more like a fashion invention !
Not really sure about the brains behind this design – may be it was  “business in the front , carefree comfort in the back”:)

I first spotted these in the  Zara store at Heathrow airport and loved the architectural design.They had this sophisticated and flirty vibe and I absolutely had to get my hands on them !  
Pair them with baggy sweaters or chiffon tops. Don a blazer or a worn-down leather jacket – pretty sure they were made keeping own-any-look in mind ! 

Dont forget that smile 🙂 It goes with everything !!

Urban Outfitters Polka Shirt ( On sale in the stores ) , Zara Skorts , Asos Booties , Gucci messenger , Prada sunglasses,Forever 21 cuff – similar

Hope everyone is having a great week!! 


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