Doing Red

Laundry by Shelli Segal dress, Our World Boutique necklace – C\o , India Trend earrings – C\o , Shoes old – similar , Prada wristlet, Swarovski bracelet (one of my fav gifts 🙂 )

Nothing says festive like red. I picked this dress from Saks last time we were there shopping for my hubby but somehow ended up in the women’s department – its a mystery how that invariably happens every time 🙂 The fit is very flattering and love the monochromatic base so I can play with accessories. This necklace is one of my favorites and I see it pairing beautifully with most of my dresses.

This weekend we celebrated my husband’s birthday with some close friends at a wonderful middle-eastern restaurant in Boston that hosts a live band a belly dancing performance. By the end of the night, we had spent more time on the dance floor than the belly dancer herself 🙂 In the afternoon, we decided to grab lunch and picnic around our favorite pond. ( the weather here has been gorgeous lately!) Enroute, a wrong turn brought us in  front of a facade covered with fall wreaths and dangling intertwined leaves and flowers. We decided to take a quick peek inside and saw a garden that could only be out of a dream sequence.Fountains,small foot bridges, a romantic dome, two little girls running around in their blond braids, an older couple sitting on the bench holding hands…this was the romantic-lose-yourself-to-the-universe clichĂ© that I had only read in books . It reminded me of Paris – so serene and surreal. I am glad we lost our way and found this beautiful gem( totally believe that things happen for a reason)


  1. perfect from head to toe literally 🙂
    loved the neck piece and the matching red toes
    and the picture of the garden is really awesome
    sooooooo very pretty and peaceful

  2. lovely.
    i alway look forward to your updates
    and i just love your style.
    You should start advising people on fashion and style . I suggest you start a forum where people can seek your suggestions

  3. The rainbow gem necklace in pastel is my favorite from our world boutique. ♥ you look fab! 🙂 As Alicia Keys sings in her song. .. ” this girl is on fireeeee” Haha. Like other comments have said… red is definitely your color:) than you for the giveaway. My Facebook is Ashley Bree Perez and my instagram username is breelovesfashion8 . My twitter is breeluvu and pinterest is breeluv8 ♥

  4. Neha you look beautiful in this red dress! kudos to the photographer as well. Is this the Larz Anderson park in Brookline? Good to loose your way and stumble upon this lovely park! Serene surroundings and very pretty, especially in fall.

    1. It is.. how did you guess?
      I am so glad we just stumbled upon it.. its unbelievable !
      and thank you for stopping by.. means a lot 🙂

  5. Red is such a gorgeous color on you! I love that dress and necklace. The scenery looks so gorgeous too, all the leaves definitely make it look like gorgeous fall weather!

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