Find a way or make one …

Aut Viam Inveniam Aut Faciam  ~ I will either find a way or make one ~ as says my tattoo  ~ 

 This year has been a roller coaster of sorts – cliched but what else is life anyway?
I was able to bring together my obsession for fashion and love for writing and
 do what I am crazy about  – connecting with people. 
Baby steps helped me climb one of the scariest peaks and made me raft 
though rough rapids.  Heck – I was even successful in making my husband 
clean his closet – no small feat there ! 

Living in Boston – there is no escaping the snow – no doubt about that.
But after a bad snow-mobiling accident – snow activities & I have just 
not looked into the eye. 
May be – its time to let go , find ways and have fresh starts. 
Its time to look back & cherish, move ahead and keep going.  
I wish that for the new year.


Damselle Fur Vest – similar 1//2//3 , Topshop faux leather leggings, Hunter boots

Happy New Year 


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