Fur & First Snow

” Their times in nature usually held a secret surprise. It could be anything, really—
a rainbow touching the snow or heart-shaped shade cast by a pair of trees. Anything. 
Today, the gift was being outside the second it started to snow ” – Debra Anastasia


Mango leggings, Ralph Lauren Faux fur sweater ( Sold Out! )  – similar 1//2//3//4
( Alternatives :   Fur collars or scarves – 1//2//3 )
Kate Spade Bag, Asos Boots, Gucci Sunnies

The first snow of the season  always reminds me of my favorite movie – “love story”. 
As some sort of cue – Richard Clayderman starts playing in my head as I watch the snow fall outside the window.
The magic of the first snow will never be lost– I still feel the same excitement as it was 8 years back ,
 my first winter in Boston when I called home  and screamed into the phone ” ITS SNOWING, Mom” 🙂

This faux fur sweater is my new favourite and if you are following me on Instagram
you know that I have  been wearing it every day and with everything !
 The fur trimming is warm, comforting and I love snuggling  into it. 

Hope you had a great weekend and are ready for the first actual week of the year ..xo


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