Hukk It

Today I have something so awesome for you,  I might just be your bff forever ! 
Let’s put that to test –Do you shop online? Well, thennnn, this is for you ! 
Do you love a  great deal when shopping  – totally for you  !
There are times, when you’d rather wait for an item to go on sale, 
instead of buying at the current ott price – no doubt – this IS for you ! 
For an online shopper , keeping track of sales and cashing out on good deals might not be always desert served on a platter. Add the busy lives we live  to the mix – you know what I am talking about ! I recently came across HUKKSTER – which to be honest, is soon taking the place of the-best-thing-that-happened-to-me ( besides Pizza ofcourse ! ) Its sort of your very own postman notifying you as soon as your favorite items goes on sale ( and includes a coupon if there is one ! ) It’s a boon for the busy folks who cant keep track of sales, flash sale hours are just not an option and scoring a great deal is always number one priority.
Give it a try – its very easy to use. Simply tag your items via Hukkster and pretty soon
you might get the email with the golden words  –  ITS ON SALE !!
These are some of the items that I have added to my Hukkster shelf & waiting for my Hukkster Alert 🙂




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