Let’s Do It

Asos sweatshirt, Urban Outfitters skirt – similar 1//2, Forever21 tights – other bold colors 1//2,
Michael Kors tote – similar 1//2//3,  Alice + Olivia pumps – similar 1//

Once upon a time, there was a girl and a boy who made each other very happy. One day, he asked her if she would be his

 forever ! Her answer resonated with the innocence and simplicity of his question – Let’s Do It !

She did not need a ring, he did not have to go down on one knee – 
all she needed was the confidence in his eyes and all he needed was her by his side. 
Last week , I spotted this intriguing mesh of barren trees that stood amidst the snow fallen on the ground. It has been mind-numbingly cold here and that day was no different ( 5F ! ) I wanted to take him with me and knew it would need some real convincing to get him out for that hike. I asked him if he was up for it –  surprisingly all he said was – Let’s Do It –
 just like the way I said it 2 years back !

There are times when we think too much about things, about the consequences, about the what-ifs ! Sometimes the answer is to just do it, take a risk and enjoy what spontaneity has to offer. Chances are you’ll love that you took 

the plunge or atleast learn from it. 

 Do that one thing today, that you have been thinking about too much  – ask him out –  put that business idea into action – let them know you don’t agree with their decision – take that class you always wanted to take – 
mix unexpected colors in your outfit ! Do It !


  1. love your mix of colors! im currently trying to move away from always wearing neutrals and this post is totally inspirational haha

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