Black or White



Let’s close our eyes and imagine a world where everything is either right or wrong and where answers to our questions were either yes or no.  A world where results were predictable and every consequence was black or white ! Many times, there are two voices in our head, each one screaming on top of the other to be heard. And there are times when they are both right. The choice is eventually ours to make. I wish there were some rules – some clearly defined formula providing the exact outputs to the inputs we provide. No exceptions. While, we  hope for a simpler life – where we wouldn’t have to decipher the gray matter, or test the waters and would just know what the future holds –  the best we can all do is simplify the challenges and accept that there is going to be gray and infact a lot of other colors that we have to experience and enjoy !

On another note – what do you think of my black cape ?  I cant gush enough of how much I love it – its very stylish , doesn’t weigh  down my shoulders like the bulky winter jackets and the oh-my-god-you-cant-believe-the-price tag it comes with… $15 !!! Sammy Dress is an online store that has some really  fashionable pieces and with a prices that don’t break your wallets. Check out these dresses below$25 : peplum, plaid , party & some of this cute outerwear.The obvious next question is “quality” – well, its actually very good.  I was a bit wary myself at first – but was pleasantly surprised at how good their stuff looks and feels. Definitely worth checking out !

cape2 cape3 cape4

cape6 cape5

Sammy Dress woolen cape, Mango top (similar items with lace sleeves 1//2 ) ,

Asos skirt, Forever21 heart tights ( similar ), Asos booties ( similar 1//),

Forever21 cuff, H&M rings, Kate Spade Beau Bag










  1. I love this outfit so much! The pattern on the shirt sleeves looks so cool with the pattern on the tights and the cape is awesome too. You look gorgeous!

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