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Growing up, one of the lessons I learnt from my mom was the importance of skincare. She always stresses on using natural things, like mud packs or keeping aside a slice of fruit for a natural face glow. I have extremely sensitive skin and occasional breakouts. And the acne-w(b)itch ( tooth fairy’s evil sister ) also leaves behind some blemishes every once in a while . I hate getting facials (I know – whatt?? ) and am paranoid about using chemical based products . Recently, I started using products from The Body Shop’s Tea Tree line and they seem to be helping my skin tremendously.


This really seems to keep the facial oils under control. I love its earthy smell and is has a nice cooling sensation. There’s a little tingling which makes me think that its really reaching the pores. My breakouts have definitely gone down since I started using this.
I don’t know if it is just a result of using this night lotion or the combination of other products – but the acne scars on my face have visibly started to lighten. You don’t know how happy that makes me !
I apply this after using the face-wash and love how lightweight this is. However, it does tend to leave a little bit of dryness ( if you have oily skin that might not be an issue ) – so I apply a small amount of my daily SPF moisturizer before stepping out. 
I almost never use face masks – just don’t like how they harden up on the skin and have to be scrubbed hard to be removed. But not this one. It remains soft even after 10 minutes of application and easily comes out with warm water, leaving the face feeling softer and nourished.
I think I am also going to give the Tea Tree Oil ( good for spot correction ) and the Pore Minimizer a try !
These products are organic ( and so much cheaper than some other popular products out there ) – if you find that these work for you, I’d recommend stocking up when there’s a sale.
PS : Some of you asked me to include links/recommendations for buying the looks or products in India.
The good news is – Body Shop has its Indian online shopping site, free shipping options are available and they have tons of  stores all over India. 

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