Relax & Recharge

When you swim you don’t grab hold of the water, because if you do you will sink and drown.
Instead you relax, and float.


I am constantly running – if not physically then mentally. I cannot sit still,  not having something on my agenda makes me impatient . I need to have a plan for the day as soon as  I get up. That doesn’t mean, I will stick to it entirely or get everything done – but I want to be able to cross things off my list.  I also need that list to be big , be concrete even if each item on it is small and meager.  There’s this constant feeling of so much to do – so little time. But after a few whirlwind days of trying to get things done to even getting some done – I realize, this cant go on !  There needs to be a break, a time to sort things out, to reset priorities and refuel to come back and start the cycle again. That’s when I want to – I need to relax, to float, to let go and feel the freedom!


Recently, when Front Row Shop asked me to try some of their clothes – I instantly fell in love with their collection. I have always talked about my love ( and importance ) of comfortable clothing. Some of their pieces have the simply-slip-on-and-relax vibe.
It is very fashion forward-front row stuff, not to mention – affordable ! If ever given a chance to attend NYFW ( which btw kicked off today ) – I know I’d be picking a few pieces for sure . ( a girl can dream, right? 🙂 )
Some of the items on my wishlist – ( all below $60 ) & they have free world-wide shipping options.
Dresses & Skirts  : 1//2//3
Tops & Jackets  : 1//2//3
Accessories : 1//2//3
Front Row Shop sweatshirt C/o , Front Row Shop beanie C/o ($18 only  & my new fav ! ) , Zara denim – similar 1 //2($24) //3 (in multiple fits & sizes), Gucci messenger bag, Prada sunnies, Zara pumps ( available in stores ) – similar 1// 2 ( flats version )// 3




  1. Gosh, I feel exactly like this all the time….always to-do lists, always running around, always having to have a plan, never being able to stop. It’s exhausting! So thank you for sharing that quote at the top…I needed that!

    Runway Chef

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