The Real Valentine

It seemed like the end ! Nobody was ready  for it. The roads were getting narrower, scarier and the weather wasn’t on their side. Everyone prayed in unison – the onset of tragedy bringing people together. But she seemed unmoved, unnerved with a rather content look on her face. He was sitting next to her and was annoyed by her calmness. Not able to contain his anger much longer – he confronted her – “How can you be so calm through this turbulence. Aren’t you afraid that the bus might fall off the cliff and all of us could die ?”
She smiled… and said that she wasn’t scared because she was confident that nothing would happen to any of them.
“Why? Are you waiting for a miracle?” he asked sarcastically.
“No, because my husband is the driver of this bus & he won’t let anything happen to me” – she smiled !

That’s the valentine I am talking about. A valentine is someone who has your back – who is going walk behind you to hold you – when you fall, in front of you to lead the way – when you are lost and  next to you – to be there for you… always !

A valentine could be anyone in our lives – partner, parent, friend & the forever one – yourself !  coz no one aint there for you like your own lovely self !  Never forget that sister !

Happy Valentines day
A1 A5
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  1. Girl, you gonna do so good in modeling, I can see the way your photographer clicks you. He is as good photographer as you are as a model.
    I wonder when is the first official modeling offer coming your way.
    PS: I just love your hat, well one coz I love caps and hats and secondly, this one suits you perfect.

    1. Thank you sooo much for the love 🙂
      I will pass on the compliments to the photographer as well…


  2. Girrrrl I love that hat, so cute! I am in a hat phase right now where I want all of them!

    And I totally agree that Valentine’s is a day for everyone!

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