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There’s something very precious yet suspicious about a warm afternoon in the middle of March, like a gift you received from an estranged relative with no upcoming birthdays or anniversaries. You wonder why this gesture, is this the harbinger of a selfish act that will follow ( another week of unbearable cold in Boston ) or is this truce and all will be glorious now onwards. Whatever the reason be, you cant wait to tear open the package and enjoy what’s inside. This sunday was just like that.  Even though it was a good 45F and mighty windy, the city looked like it was hosting a fair and had become a melting pot of people escaping their stuffy heater-heated houses to breathe in the fresh air. I grabbed the most coveted real estate in the square, the sole snow dusted bench and indulged in my favourite past-time – weaving stories about people passing by. I saw a husband pushing the stroller and the wife juggling grocery bags as they argued over their lunch plans. And then I started thinking about marriage {yes – if not forcefully shaken from my trance –  I can spend the entire day thinking about nothing of consequence }

This outfit is my version of the happy marriage between winter and spring. Dark heavy sweaters and something light, something pastel to offset that. Isn’t that what marriage all about – complementing each other’s dark side and bringing the best out of each other? I have a soft spot for colored tights and always reach for colors that stand out instead of the vanilla blacks and greys. When I discovered, We Love Colors, I found my one-stop shop for tights. They have tights in every color you can think and with great prices – you only want to get them all ! I loved it when random people on the street stopped me and complimented the pop of blue and told me how ready for spring I looked ! What can I  say – If winter has come, Spring won’t be far behind !

tights1 tights3 tights6 tights7

Silence & Noise sweater ( similar options here & here ), Asos skater skirt,
We Love Colors Aqua tights– c\o, Jimmy Choo clutch, Zara pumps ( similar pair here, here )





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