The Happy Shirt


Once there was a king of a peaceful kingdom who was plagued by a serious and mysterious pridacament called “unhappiness”. He lost all interest in the state of affairs and melancholia had taken over the kingdom. Physicians, astrologers were called from far lands but none of the remedies they suggested helped overcome the looming unhappiness. One day, a  passerby heard of the problem and suggested that, if the king could be given a shirt of a happy man – that would be the panacea of all his problems. Desparate devout followers began their search to find that happy man whose shirt would be the answer to their flailing king and his dooming kingdom.

First they found a man who looked extremely happy. They approached him and asked him if there was anything he wanted that would make him really happy. He expressed that he needed money to build a bigger house for his family. They moved on. There were many who looked happy but were looking for something additional that would make them really happy. Almost having given up, they heard a farmer singing to himself while plowing his land. They followed him to his house and overheard him telling his wife how happy he was with the crops this year and how blessed he felt to have his family with him every day. They went inside his tiny, crumbling house. Torn by his impoversished conditions, they asked him if he wanted anything that would make him really happy. In an instant response, he said he had  everything that he would ever need in his life. They beamed, celebrated and satisfied with their discovery, asked the man to give them one of his shirts. The happy man however so poor – did not have a shirt !

There’s always something we seem to want in life. New job –  promotion –  new car – new pair of shoes – a raise – another vacation – always something. I am a strong believer of not being satisfied with what we have, because that might stop us from pursuing further. But, we have to appreciate what we have, where we are, celebrate the small successes and find happiness in little things. That’s not optional but a must !

Honestly, I think all the king needed was some bright colored clothes or a shopping trip. Retail therapy sure has proven to be an expresso-shot for an instant dose of happiness. { ask the girls ! } With spring around the corner, I am already getting all jazzed up about wearing florals and colorful pieces.

P.S : The mister’s take on the happy shirt’s tale was – Get Naked & Be Happy ! { **big eye roll**  you see what I am dealing with !  }

happy1 happy2happy4

happy3 happy7

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  1. You have an exceptional and fabulous sense of fashion. So classy and chic..Everything here looks just perfect. I especially love the classic black leather gloves which enhances the look. Sadly we don’t find many women here in india wearing these..

    1. awww u r too sweet … thank you 🙂
      we dont have that kind of a weather either in India … which might be a blessing ..hahha 🙂
      coz – i just cant get used to the cold 🙂

  2. You are most welcome 🙂 I love everything about winters and the whole winter look with coat, boots, scarves but my favorite winter accessory are definitely the gloves. That’s why loved them the most & commented on them. I wish I lived in colder countries like UK or USA to try this kinda fashion. I am craving for leather gloves like these here in Delhi, but couldn’t find a decent pair. Even if it gets cold, most women wear those knitted woolen ones. But these leather ones look ultra chic. Do other Indian women in US too wear these leather gloves ? If yes, then I guess its the climate plus the freedom to wear anything and to look stylish makes them wear these.

    1. try – they ship to India as well and I think its free over a certain amount.
      and you can always be the trend setter – once you wear it – others will be inspired to follow as well 🙂

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