Happy Mother’s Day


For my 7th birthday, I asked my mom to give me – a sister ( after seeing my friends with their sisters – I wanted someone I could giggle with, exchange clothes and share everything). As I grew up, I realized I already had one! Thank you mom for  being my sister,friend,teacher and the best mom!

This is just one more story why my mom is the best. My family had come down to Boston for my graduation ceremony. My graduation dress was going to be this black dress with a waist sash that I had worn only a couple of times before. I had a very busy day in school the day before graduation as I was helping with the arrangements of the ceremony. In the evening when I got home,  opened my closet to take out my old black dress so mom could iron it for the next day, however, in its place was this new beautiful white halter neck dress with black polka dots. I don’t know how my mom (who was new to the city) took the Ts ( local Boston metros ), using hand written directions from my roommate, asking people on the streets, hunted around in 10 stores and finally found this dress which was SO me ! All this just coz she had overheard one of my girlfriends say  “no one wears an old dress for graduation” and she couldn’t let that happen to me.

Thank you mom for supporting me to go after my dreams – for encouraging me to aim for the stars and yet be rooted to the ground. And mainly for teaching me what really matters is, that after getting off the stage ( or after completing anything in life) – I shouldn’t feel that I could have done better.

Happy mother’s day Mom <3




  1. Oh my gosh, this is the sweetest story! I have to admit it definitely brought a tear to my eyes. A mother’s love is truly something special. I’m sure you made her Mother’s day wonderful <3

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