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LovePlayingDressup 1It is said, you realize the value of something when you don’t have it. I lived 20 years of my life in Bombay, where it is about  80-85 degrees throughout the year. I don’t think it ever occurred to me that a few sunny days will one day be be a luxury. I have resolved to suck out every single bit out of the sun this summer! I am already making so many plans that the season might just have to go on a little bit longer. ( raise your hand if you want the same?)  We are leaving for a quick getaway this friday and it is panic-central right now. We have to get so much done before taking off and I haven’t even counted packing in that list. No props for guessing that we are going place really sunny =)) Now I’ll just be honest with you guys – I don’t tan so well. I look at people around and envy the bronzeness they get from the sun. When I try to get that – I come back sun-burnt !  Infact, on our trip to Hawaii few years back, I was so badly tanned that in our pictures towards the end of the trip, you could only see my eyes and teeth ( it’s wasn’t funny 🙁 )   Tons of sunscreen and this hat are definitely going with me. Did you see, it even has my initials! Gotta love the monogrammed craze. Marley Lily has such cute stuff and they definitely rock the game with monograms. I am thinking of getting a monogrammed yoga mat and wouldn’t a bath robe with my initials be really cool? Actually, can I get a monogram on my man? – you know kinda like – if you like it …put a ring monogram on it =))

LovePlayingDressup 2 LovePlayingDressup 3 LovePlayingDressup 4 LovePlayingDressup 5 LovePlayingDressup 6 LovePlayingDressup 7 LovePlayingDressup 8

 Front Row Shop dress – c\o  – love these from the store 1 //2 , Tory Burch belt, Jessica Simpson heels, Marley Lilly hat, H&M rings, Houndstooth and Nail ring – c\o, Louis Vuitton bag, Prada sunnies





  1. I love that your hat has your initials on it! That is so awesome and perfect for a beachy vacation. Have a great trip!

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