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I was recently invited to do a guest blogger post for Langford Market ( so flattered =)) ) They have a super fun series uncovering the mystery inside the bags of bloggers. You can read the guest post here and also check out their trendy and affordable collection.

I had read somewhere that “A woman’s mind is as complex as the contents of her handbag; even when you get to the bottom of it, there is ALWAYS something at the bottom to surprise you!” Once, I had my TV remote and a shower cap in my purse – I don’t know how the shower cap got in there! My current daily bbf ( best bag forever ) is this Tory Burch oversized tote. It fits in my laptop along with other paraphernalia and is a perfect travel companion as well. On any given day, you’ll definitely find these essentials in my bag.

Mint ( Tic-tac ) – Everyone should have some sort of mint handy at ALL times. It is mandatory

iPhone & charger – My iPhone is the oxygen in my life. We are attached at the hip and you can only imagine why having a charger at hand is necessary

Wallet – For all my cards  & cash. A woman should always have some cash in her wallet

Car keys – keys and a cute key fob never hurt anyone 🙂

Snack – This is probably one of the most important things in my bag. I get really cranky when I am hungry and these snack bars to help people around me from facing the wrath of a starving girl

Earphones – I love these earphones. They were a gift from the mister and they work amazing especially in the gym

Business Cards –  I have my blog and work business cards on me at all time.

iPad – I use it for scheduling and planning. ( And at the gym for watching silly shows on Netflix while on the treadmill 🙂 )

Sunglasses – These ray ban aviators are my current favorites

Hand cream – I hate the dry hand feeling. I am addicted to these from Bath & Body works

Hair-ties & safety pins – Even if you don’t need them, trust me, one of your girlfriends will

Flip-flops – These are probably the most important and surprising ( to some ) things I lug around with me. But the truth is, you can wear heels only for so long and pretty sure every city girl knows what I am talking about =))

Lipgloss – Just for a quick touchup at times

Random Jewelry – Just because I dump stuff at the end of the day in my bag, there will always be some random jewelry pieces in there


If I were to turn your bag upside down, what would I find?

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  1. Oo, I love seeing what other people carry around in their bags! I really like how your TB tote has a light beige handle, the ones I’ve seen before were much darker. Mine’s currently so empty just because I change between bags so often, I feel like I need to stock up!


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