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Did I ever tell you that I eat in my sleep?  Ever since I was a little girl , I remember waking up in the middle of the night, subconsciously walk into the kitchen, open the candy jar and plop in as many candies as I could stuff in my little mouth in one go. I would not realize anything until I woke up with chocolate all over my face. For real! My mom stopped keeping candies at home, so I resorted to cookies. If there were no cookies – I reached for the sugar jar. Fast forward a few years, my sweet tooth is still the same. The mister has tried everything in his might to keep me away from sweets post sleeping – putting all the sweet stuff on the topmost shelf that my 5ft tall self cant reach, showing me pictures from my not so healthy college  ( ahem – overweight ) days, offering trades – you name it. But guess – when a candy girl wants something – there’s nothing you or I can do =)) I still wake up every once in a while and as some sort of connection – my brain knows what and where exactly in the kitchen needs to be pillaged!

Well, this outfit is the candy girl inside out. I love the brights and the pastels and how it all comes together like frosting on a cupcake. It’s the candy inspired trend that is making me want to walk down the street with a cupcake in one hand and an ice-cream in another #eatinghealthy – now what’s that?=)) Talking about trends, I want to introduce this new site I came across recently – What Goes With This. It is the digital version of going shopping with your best friend. WGWT is a place where you can ask fashion questions, give outfit ideas and browse style inspiration. Trust me – it is addictive going through the questions people post and would be so much fun to help someone put an outfit together =))


Baseball top, River Island skirt, Zara pumps – similar here, here & love this one, Micheal Kors tote – similar here – and this save option,  Jewelsbyoo necklace – c\o, India Trend earrings – c\o, kensie sunnies via Kenmark – c\o

Here are some of the candy trend items I am currently loving



  1. That is hilarious, though a bit of problem. My sweet tooth has been out of control lately, too, but I’m wide awake. Case in point, I made a pitstop to pick up an Oreo blizzard on the way home from work yesterday. I need an intervention, but this outfit definitely doesn’t. Love!

    Megan //

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