Run – Walk – Crawl – Dont’ give up !

LovePlayingDressup_run-9See you have to know that I have never been a runner – until a few weeks ago , the only times I remember running were when I was late for school and had to run to catch the school bus. Even at the gym, I always traded the treadmill for the easy elliptical option. So when I decided to run the Corporate challenge, that’s what it was – A CHALLENGE. When I started training about a month and a half ago ( twice a week! ) – I couldn’t run for more than a mile and  every muscle in my body started screaming on the 2nd day. I almost contemplated not doing this. No one was forcing me and it did feel agonizing. But I dint want to give up. I got up the next day and ran again. I reminded myself that even though it felt painful, it was as simple as putting one foot in front of the other. I convinced, coaxed and pushed myself. As I ran, my mind wandered freely and it periodically stopped in the nooks of my memories. I found myself getting lost in the past, thinking about the present and making plans for the future. I don’t like to be alone – but this was one time I was alone – and I did not mind it. I even liked it. I couldn’t help but notice, how my thoughts controlled my pace. Sometimes I could hear them on top of the blaring music in my ears. There was an instant breathlessness when my mind fell into a pit of something stressful or remembered something not happy. I had to pull myself out, stop, breathe and go again!

On Tuesday I ran the first race of my life. I dint do great – but not bad either ( 3.5 miles in 35.44sec ) There was an inexplicable satisfaction in the fact that I finished.

I want to run more now.I understand that it will need consistency, perseverance, dedication – but I feel addicted and I don’t want to stop!

The more I run, the more I love my body – not because it’s perfect, far from it! But because with every mile it is proving me that I am capable of more than I ever thought possible!


Ruffles with Love tank – c/o. Ellie tights – c/o, Under Armour sneakers, Oakley headband, Oakley bottle



  1. What a great and inspiring post! I run about 2-3 times a week and want so much to love it, but it’s never been something I grew in to! Keep up the good work!! Also, that looks like an ah-mazing place to run!!

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