Steal the Summer

Dont let the summer pass by without doing all those things you’ve been planning all winter.


LovePlayingDressup_JewelryOrganizationIts okay if you have been too lazy busy to organize your closet. It’s never too late and trust me, shuffling your clothes around in the closet can actually be inspiring and will give you ideas to wear pieces that haven’t seen the light of day in a long time. De-clutter your jewelry box and you might be surprised at how much stuff you have. I like the idea of using vintage saucers and cups for organizing the little trinkets.


Grow herbs at homeLovePlayingDressup_IndoorHerbs

There is a certain satisfaction and pride in growing your own herbs and using them in your cooking. If you have a kitchen garden – awesome – if not – you can always grow plants like basil, rosemary and mint indoors. Just make sure they are placed in ample light and have a good drainage. Here’s some good info on gardening 1o1.


Serve summer drinksLovePlayingDressup_SummerDrink

Use the herbs from your garden in your drinks. Try this recipe – the virgin and the alcoholic versions are both sure to impress your friends.


Take an impromptu picnicLovePlayingDressup_Picnic

Pack a picnic and head for the park. Bring a blanket and a book and bask in the sun.


Scream for ice-creamLovePlayingDressup_Icecream

Sounds like a plan ? =))









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