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LovePlayingDressup6Last night I had a thought. Time was passing and I was growing old with it. Moments of innocence, stolen kisses and curfew nights would soon be left far behind. I felt a sudden panic setting in. I fought insomnia, tossed and turned trying to put myself to sleep, then eventually woke up my husband. In absolute fear I told him that I wanted to stall the time. He laughed and calmly reminded me that although we couldn’t stall time, we were making memories as we moved ahead. And there would still be innocent endeavors of adulthood and excitement about what the future beholds.

This time, as I tried to sleep, I thought about my memories that were wrapped in packages, stored safely in the nooks of the minds. Just like these beautiful pieces of jewelry from Chrysalis Studios – where the beauty of the butterflies after they have lived their lives is preserved forever. I slowly unwrapped some of my carefully preserved memories and remember smiling and falling asleep.

I am hosting another giveaway this week and you can win yourself a necklace made out of real butterfly wings. Read here about the  ethical process of how the butterflies are sourced, raised and then preserved without any harm caused to them. Have a great week ahead !

LovePlayingDressup4 LovePlayingDressup2LovePlayingDressup3 LovePlayingDressup5LovePlayingDressup1 LovePlayingDressup

 Zara dress – similar style herehere & here, Zara pumps – similar here, Accessory Concierge bangle – c/o, Carolina Clover bangle -c/o, Gucci messenger, Express fedora – similar, Rayban aviators, Chrysalis Studios necklace – c/o ( Use code LOVEPLAYINGDRESSUP for a 10% discount throughout the store )

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  1. Time is definitely a fickle thing, but since it’s something we can’t control, it’s best not to worry about it! But with that said, thinking about life has definitely given me a few sleepless nights!

    This is such a lovely look. I love the stripes on you.

    Lauren xo

  2. I love butterfly wing jewelry – and it was nice to read to read about the company’s ethical practices. You look beautiful in that dress!

  3. Aaah, I love those sunnies! You’re one of those people who can definitely pull them off and look natural. I, on the other hand, cannot. 😀

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