Wedding Anniversary

LovePlayingDressup_WeddingAnniversaryThree years ago, we made a promise to each other. Through good times & bad, in joy and sorrow and together in every tomorrow! Today I can’t imagine a day without him.

So on our third anniversary – let me share the 3 important things I have learnt about marriage.
1. Happily every after is not a fairy tale – but a choice. And its in our hands.
2. Talk. Talk. Talk about everything. Big and small.
3. Don’t fret over silly arguments.

And 3 things about us.
1.The glue that holds our marriage might be making fun of people. You know, like they say – best friends don’t judge each other, but others. Together =))
2. He is my biggest fan.
3. He is hands-down the funniest man on this planet.

He is the man behind every picture on the blog, the approval behind every look and the reason for smile (& pout) in every shot. Thank you for supporting every step I take and being there to hold me when I fall. Happy anniversary mister.
LovePlayingDressup_WeddingAnniversary_2LovePlayingDressup_WeddingAnniversary3LovePlayingDressup_WeddingAnniversary4LovePlayingDressup_WeddingAnniversary5LovePlayingDressup_WeddingAnniversary7LovePlayingDressup_WeddingAnniversary6LovePlayingDressup_WeddingAnniversary_1Mike York Photography

On the Dressup Gal – Asos dress, Asos sandals – similar pair, Prada sunnies
On the Dressup Dude – Jcrew shirt, Bonobos jeans, Uggs boots – similar pair, Movado watch, Rayban sunnies



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