Dance like no one’s watching

Love Playing Dressup_PlammieMom, I never want to stop dancing. It’s what makes me feel alive.
Then don’t let anything stop you – mom replied !

Dance was a such a major part of my life growing up and being on the stage felt like the only thing that made me happy. I do miss the stage and learning dance from my teacher – but I don’t think you can ever stop dancing. The faintest sound of music coming from a distance gives an adrenaline rush. Shamelessly dancing to music blasted at its max in the car is second nature. And my most favorite are our impromptu silly dance moves in the house that my husband and I break into.

I realize that even though I need to dance professionally and be on stage, there is something about being connected to music that in someway fills that void. No amount of caffeine can come close to my morning runs with earphones plugged in. And then there are my Zumba sessions. These are not just an alternative to working out for me, but zones where music and I can be together. I don’t care if my moves are not always technically correct, as long as there are beats and there is rhythm. I dance like no one’s watching. The road where I run, our living room where we dance like clowns, the exercise room are all my stage where I become one – with myself.

What I am wearing here is one of my favorite workout outfits – comfortable and stylish. Just the way I like it! Loose and enough room to break a sweat. Plammie, a store I recently came across that opened its doors in the Cambridgeside Galleria Mall, carries a lot of such cute pieces. What I loved about their collection is their unique style, different from the regular workout wear – making you stand out. Definitely worth making a shop-stop while you are in the area or you can always shop online.

One more thing for the Boston locals, if you are in the area, check out the launch party of Drape It On happening over the weekend – featuring clothes influenced by Indian fashion but suitable for the western lifestyle!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Love Playing Dressup_Plammie 3Love Playing Dressup_Plammie1Love Playing Dressup_Plammie4Love Playing Dressup_Plammie5Love Playing Dressup_Plammie6Love Playing Dressup_Plammie7Love Playing Dressup_Plammie9Love Playing Dressup_Plammie10Love Playing Dressup_Plammie11Love Playing Dressup_Plammie12

Plammie top & bottom – c/o, Nike trainers, Sparrow Boutique bag – c/o, Under Armor bottle, Under armor headband



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