That’s a wrap

Love Playing Dressup-5Sometimes I wonder if I will survive the winter temperatures. Its not even November and it’s getting really c-o-l-d. All I feel like doing is snuggling in my blankets and watching reruns of Friends and SATC. Here’s something you don’t know about me – one of my biggest vices is …watching TV ( don’t tell anyone! ) I can’t wait for it to be November and have a chick-flick or a holiday movie on TV every time I turn on the not-so-idiot-box. It’s the week of Diwali ( Indian festival ) and my holiday mode has been rightfully jump-started. I have been eating way too much in the name of the festival and this sure will go on until the end of the year – but who cares and who’s watching the calories, right =))

My love for over-sized clothing remains as strong as ever and amplifies during the holiday season – because you know they become my undercover agents for covering all evidence of the increased appetite. This wrap is my all day version of the blanket that I can snuggle in even while at work. Since the next few months are going to be spent in winter coats, I am loving the wraps even more right now. Helps me easily bundle up with a few layers or I am good to go even by throwing it over a plain tee on sweet surprise October days. Love Playing Dressup-0764Love Playing Dressup-4518Love Playing Dressup-0761Love Playing Dressup-0909Love Playing Dressup-0857Love Playing Dressup-4508

Caralese wrap – c/o, American Eagle jeans, 3B Leather Goods wallet – c/o, Nike sneakers, Rayban sunnies , Tory Burch bracelet

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