Holiday Dress

Cranwell_Holiday-2If you love what you are wearing at the party, you will be the one to have the most fun!

I totally and thoroughly believe in it. This is totally that dress. I love the metallic gold woven into the maroon and the touch of brocade that makes the dress look so rich. The thing about this dress that first caught my eye was how the illusion of the crop top making it appear like you were wearing a skirt and a top. Which made me think that this dress will totally work as separates. Right now, I am wearing the dress as is – but if you wear a sweater over it, the dress is your skirt. Pair with a fur wrap. Or wear a high-waisted skirt and use the crop top of the dress. You’ll be wearing this one dress to three parties and no one would know ! Don’t worry – I wont tell =))

This is my favorite time of the year to dressup. I can’t wait for all the parties to begin. When we were taking these pictures, it unexpectedly started to snow. I grabbed my husbands’ blazer from the car and wrapped it around me. It felt like he was giving me a big-bear hug =)) Right there, at that very moment –  the party had begun!

Hope you have a great thanksgiving weekend. Happy Thanksgiving!Love Playing Dressup-1 2 Cranwell_Holiday-11 Cranwell_Holiday-9 Cranwell_Holiday-6 Cranwell_Holiday-5Cranwell_Holiday-12 Cranwell_Holiday-8 Cranwell_Holiday-7 Cranwell_Holiday-4

Lavish Lace dress  – c/o,  AmiClubwear pumps  – c/o, Jimmy Choo clutch – similar budget-friendly options here & here , Urban Outfitters hair-crown, Swarovski bangle


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