Holiday Gift Guide – For the Home

Gift Guide for the HomeHoliday accessories|| Prints || Personalized lighted accessory || Book || Pillow || Coffee Mug|| Recipe book holder || Candle || Throw

Nothing makes me happy like the holiday lights at home. We are going to be traveling soon and wont be home during Christmas, so I am putting up the tree a bit early. Can you blame me? =)) I am also trying to get through my holiday shopping on time, so there is no scrambling while I am at the peak of packing anxiety! These are some gift ideas for those times, when you are invited to a dinner party and just can’t decide what to take for the hostess. Or for the friends who just got a new house. (*shameless hint *) One can never have enough pillows and throws as they are synonymous to cuddles and those are  boundless, friends – so that’s a safe choice. I also like the idea of taking a book for the hostess and may be some scotch for the guy. And if this is a last-minute run for gifts – you can always resort to chocolate – coz you know that never is a bad idea!


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