Cranwell Resort Weekend Getaway

Love Playing Dressup-12“Honey, I am home” – that’s exactly how I felt when we stepped into our suite at the Cranwell Resort last weekend. Some amazing wine and cheese awaited us at our room setting the tone just right for the rest of the weekend. After relaxing for a bit and almost having to peel ourselves from the plush comfort of the room, we started the day by taking a tour of the property.

The expansive-manicured lawns and panoramic views of the Berkshires were a toast to sore eyes. But what was most charming, were the historic buildings and the old photographs that lined the walls of every building , each telling stories of previous owners and their glorious lifestyle. Love Playing Dressup-11 Love Playing Dressup-13 Love Playing Dressup-3Seeking refuge from the bitter cold, we walked into the Mansion – heading straight for the fireplace. The mansion building was my favorite place at the resort. It’s was all about richness, perfection and luxury. All of this felt nothing short of royal. The commitment to grandiosity could be seen in the fabrics of the cozy couches, the shiny oak wood furniture and the oh-my-god majestic stairwell. I couldn’t not play Rose walking down the stairs =))

Love Playing Dressup-22 Love Playing Dressup-17 Love Playing Dressup-14After some greasy fries and delicious big burgers ( coz you know that’s what you do when on vacation =)) ) at Sloane’s tavern, we headed for the spa. The mister actually wanted to play some golf, but it was way too cold for that. The spa was one of the biggest I had ever seen, a big indoor pool, the coziest waiting room and such a cute spa-shop. The spa was bustling with couples taking retreats, mother & daughter duos spending quality time and girlfriends doing what girlfriends do – having fun! I rarely go for massages you know – call me crazy – but I feel more impatient than calm lying on the bed getting “pampered” when I could use that time to get something done. But I am glad, my husband booked us massages and forced me into getting one, because it was such a wonderful, relaxing time and for once, I dint even feel guilty =))

Love Playing Dressup-1Love Playing Dressup-2 Love Playing Dressup-8 Cranwell Spa Love Playing Dressup-10 IMG_7695-1.JPGWaking up next day to soft snow on the ground was such a beautiful surprise. I can’t even imagine how pretty this place would be with all the holiday lights. It would be all incomplete if I dint take a minute to rave about the brunch. The buffet spread was outrageously lavish, setup at Music Room that was like a scene straight-out of Downton Abbey’s tea-room but with servers much (much) more warm and not reciting rehearsed welcome spiels=))

Love Playing Dressup-15 Love Playing Dressup-18Love Playing Dressup Brunch Cranwell Resort

The weekend was soon coming to an end and the only complaint I had, was that our mini-getaway was getting over too soon. But the fact it’s just a 2 hour drive from Boston, only means that we can come down anytime. Anyway, he wants to come back for the golf and I am already dreaming of sipping tea sitting on the Rose Terrace in spring. Infact, now that I think about it, a giftcard to the spa or for a full weekend stay for a friend or relative might get you an award for the most thoughtful gift of the season =))

Going nonstop for the past few months, we desperately needed a quick weekend to unwind and recharge and couldn’t have done it at a much better place. And moreover, the place that makes me feel at home when I am not actually at home – always gets extra stars in my book !

A big thank you to Cranwell Resort for the wonderful stay.



  1. Cranwell is our favorite place to run away to for a wkend. Only 1 hr from home, but it feels like we are a world away. the spa is the best in the area. we are going 1st wkend in January and cannot not

    1. just so u know.. there might be a giveaway coming up to win a giftcard to the spa at the resort 😉
      just saying ! 🙂

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