Resolutions with a twist

Resolutions_LovePlayingDressupAmbitious, impulsive, born out of peer pressure, “let’s do it together” vows, result of many failed attempts and pushed out to “definitely starting in the new year” – I am going to shamelessly admit being guilty of making resolutions, even stuck by some.. very religiously for…  may be 20 days – a month and even stood by some until mid year. But now let’s be fair and cut us some slack – we are only human! Usually the one to be cynical about resolutions, this year I decided to make some. However, staying away from lofty, dreamy ones, how about some actual practical, attainable objectives.

  • Like instead of resolving to “lose weight”, try to eat healthy. May be cook more at home.
  • Instead of binging on Netflix, how about planning to read more. ( resort to something that’s more productive and satisfying & you will automatically find that there is less and less time to guilt binging)
  • Accepting that it is okay to not to be doing something all the time. Instead try to just relax and get some more sleep.
  • Instead of making resolutions to spend quality time with your family – which sounds amazing but wide – resolve to keep that phone aside during meals – take a few impromptu trips – write emails – even some handwritten notes – kiss – hug – say I love you!
  • Make schedules & compartmentalize your day. Nothing has ever worked for me like making lists ( go old school – paper lists! )
  • Feeling pretty – notice how I did not say – “being pretty” – but starting to feeling pretty.  Accepting those flaws in yourself. Falling in love with yourself.

Sounds doable to me! What do you think?



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