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LovePlayingDressup-Lulus-DateNight-ValentinesDayOutfit-BostonPublicLibrary-PhotoShoot-1 Last night, I had a thought – who was my most favorite couple in the world! I wondered if it was the couple across the street that religiously dressed up every Saturday evening in their very formal best and went out into the city for a dinner-date – even after 60 years of marriage. Or the cute high school kids that I’d seen in the library, studying together and sneaking kisses in between. Was it the family I had seen in the car  at the traffic light –  kids yelling on the back seat and the parents looking at each other, smiling calmly. Each with their own quirks and tales – making their own stories. I think, I love all of them! I have rose colored glasses on when I see 2 people in love. Then I thought of our story. How we complete each other’s sentences and telepathically answer questions that weren’t even asked yet. There is so much comfort, that even the monotony of our usual routine seems romantic! And then sometimes, for no reason – there are those butterflies. Butterflies!

I knew the answer to my own question – “We” are my favorite couple! He is my Valentine!

Always to the one to go for classics, I’d pick this dress in a heartbeat for Valentines day dinner or a date night. It had me at the color and the delicate lace overlay has romance written all over it! Touches of pearls adding just the right amount of sophistication. He liked it – and now I love it even more =))

I am off to NY for Fashion Week. So excited to bring you the stories and pictures and trends and so much more! Follow me on Instagram to catch the action.

LovePlayingDressup-Lulus-DateNight-ValentinesDayOutfit-BostonPublicLibrary-PhotoShoot-5 LovePlayingDressup-Lulus-DateNight-ValentinesDayOutfit-BostonPublicLibrary-PhotoShoot-9 LovePlayingDressup-Lulus-DateNight-ValentinesDayOutfit-BostonPublicLibrary-PhotoShoot-6 LovePlayingDressup-Lulus-DateNight-ValentinesDayOutfit-BostonPublicLibrary-PhotoShoot-7LovePlayingDressup-Lulus-DateNight-ValentinesDayOutfit-BostonPublicLibrary-PhotoShoot-3 LovePlayingDressup-Lulus-DateNight-ValentinesDayOutfit-BostonPublicLibrary-PhotoShoot-4 LovePlayingDressup-Lulus-DateNight-ValentinesDayOutfit-BostonPublicLibrary-PhotoShoot-11LovePlayingDressup-Lulus-DateNight-ValentinesDayOutfit-BostonPublicLibrary-PhotoShoot-8LovePlayingDressup-Lulus-DateNight-ValentinesDayOutfit-BostonPublicLibrary-PhotoShoot-2 Lulus dress – c/o – similar here, here & here, Michael Kors pumps –  similar, earrings- similar here, clutch – here & here

Hair & Makeup by Kim Sousa 




  1. Hi Neha! What a wonderful post – I love that gorgeous dress and beautiful pictures! Please keep up the wonderful work on this blog – I enjoy “seeing you” here…

    1. Heyy Kelly – awww thanks so much.
      Ill send you an email so we can talk more:)


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