LovePlayingDressup-PlaidJacket-TartanCoat-WinterCoat-FrontRowJacket-BostonBlogger-StellaMccartneyBag-MadewellEyewear-3New day.. New month…New season? ( hopefully.. please) March does sound like spring! Hoping there are just a few more jacket-days left. Don’t get me wrong – I love love love the snow. The snow and I actually go way back. Even before I moved to Boston, the snow & I were a thing. I would think of snow-capped mountains while studying in my room. And fantasize waking up to flurries falling outside the window. I would dream of bumping into the man I was supposed to marry while running to find shelter during a sudden ice-pelting storm – just like the movies. And then I moved to Boston. I met “my snow”. As fairy-tale like as it sounds to finally get to be in that dream, I think I am done with snow for this season. Guests that overstay are will lose their charm – and dear winter you are very close to losing your place in my heart! While I was having a melt-down ( interesting choice of words – since the snow should be the one really having that), my husband asked me if I would like him to build me an ice-rink in our yard. My heart melted! Not that I know to skate – I couldn’t even stand with skates on, to save my life – but nevertheless, I have always found ice-rinks to be utterly romantic. Shimmering lights, soft music and lovers floating on it. As I think about my snow-movie-lovestory dreams from childhood, I find myself thinking – even though I dint run into the man during the storm and start my love story, I have one who helps me write a chapter in our love story after the snow storm! =))

xo – Neha Gandhi/ Love Playing DressupLovePlayingDressup-PlaidJacket-TartanCoat-WinterCoat-FrontRowJacket-BostonBlogger-StellaMccartneyBag-MadewellEyewear-1 LovePlayingDressup-PlaidJacket-TartanCoat-WinterCoat-FrontRowJacket-BostonBlogger-StellaMccartneyBag-MadewellEyewear-2 LovePlayingDressup-PlaidJacket-TartanCoat-WinterCoat-FrontRowJacket-BostonBlogger-StellaMccartneyBag-MadewellEyewear-4 LovePlayingDressup-PlaidJacket-TartanCoat-WinterCoat-FrontRowJacket-BostonBlogger-StellaMccartneyBag-MadewellEyewear-7LovePlayingDressup-PlaidJacket-TartanCoat-WinterCoat-FrontRowJacket-BostonBlogger-StellaMccartneyBag-MadewellEyewear-6LovePlayingDressup-PlaidJacket-TartanCoat-WinterCoat-FrontRowJacket-BostonBlogger-StellaMccartneyBag-MadewellEyewear-5

Front Row coat, Topshop tights,  Stella McCartney bag, Madewell glasses

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