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LovePlayingDressup-Instagram-NehaGandhi-Happiness-1-5Happy Hump Day, loves! Today I wanted to share something with you that, to be honest, is not something people talk about that often. About those “off” days! With social media, it’s just so easy to get caught up in the glamor of the lives we see on Instagram and then just as easy to forget that once we keep that phone aside, it’s the “real life”! As obsessed as I am to Inkwell and Brannan filters to glorify my pictures, these are unfortunately not available to my real life. Let’s be honest – none of us have those in our real life either – then be it your favorite blogger or celebrity! ( unless ofcourse they are Jennifer Aniston or Mindy Kaling)

Days when you get up and don’t feel like doing anything. Absolutely nothing. Just want to roll down the blinds and go back to sleep! Lately, I have been feeling a little more crabby than I would like to. It happens. To all of us! Right? =)) Instead of beating myself up and forcing myself to get through the day feeling low and doing things half-heartedly – I try to take the feel-good approach. The sequence involves doing things to start feeling better first and then going on with the day. It’s just more productive that way – even Oprah agrees!

  • Dress Up! Even if it’s for spending the day indoors. A touch of lipstick and a spritz of perfume! Fresh comfortable clothes. ( I love my satin robes! ) These little things apparently have some sort of endorphin effect that get the happy hormones stimulated.
  • Eat what your heart fancies! They don’t call desserts – “sweet things” for nothing.
  • Exercise. Whether yoga is your thing or if you run to clear your head.
  • Warm Bath. Stand under the shower or spend time soaking in a tub. You deserve it.
  • TV-Binge/Read: Now that we are done with food portion of the program – binge on the TV program that makes you smile ( like Gilmore Girls.. because.. duhh!! ) Read the book that’s been sitting on your nightstand for days. ( or weeks and is probably overdue at the library )
  • Clean your closet. Something about removing clutter and organizing things. They say it brings in positive energy. I say that totally works. LovePlayingDressup-Instagram-NehaGandhi-Happiness-1-3 LovePlayingDressup-Instagram-1 LovePlayingDressup-Instagram-NehaGandhi-Happiness-1LovePlayingDressup_CocoChanel_MustreadNYTimesLovePlayingDressup-Instagram-NehaGandhi-Happiness-1-6

So whether you are having an “off” day or it’s just your “day off” – spend time on things that make you happy! Bring out the sparkle that was fading. Now get along with your day. Trust me – you are going to be so much more productive! You are welcome =))  xo – Neha / Love Playing Dressup

Things you need to enjoy your personal day



    1. ohh gosh.. sounds like you’ve been working you butt off 🙁 !! have a wonderful weekend girl!! xo

  1. The best way to have a day to yourself is eating all these yummy food you keep posting. All the good food is diary-related and I am allergic. Love your coat wrap.

    1. ahhh.. thats too bad:( I am sensitive to dairy as well – but pizza is an exception 🙂

    1. awww thanks Celyn!! Totally agree with u.. its absolutely needed to have a little unwinding time 🙂

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