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RuleI had a completely different post planned for today – but instead I wanted to use this space for something else. Seeing all those heart wrenching images and listening to the reports and interviews from Nepal is breaking my heart.  Amit & I also started looking into if we can fly there and be of any help. I just want to do something!

Even if  I am able to speak to you one of you through this post – then that makes it two of us. While we cannot all go down there, help clear the rubble and personally bring food and water to the people affected – let’s try to do something – no matter how little – from where we are. Lets say – if you get coffee from your favorite coffee shop every morning on your way to work – if you can just give that up a day – that’s a BIG $3. It adds up and will go a long way!

I am also thinking of an idea in which we can do something to help. I know so many who want to do something but dont know how. They are still in my head and am hoping that we can make it a reality. Nothing would make me more happy than knowing I am not alone and that you also believe that WE can make a difference. – Neha







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