Three Wishes & a Giveaway

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As a little girl, I often dreamt about a fairy coming down to the earth and somehow, she and I would become the best of friends! I also imagined the pretty fairy asking me to make my three wishes. ( which I assumed everyone got) I would practice them all the time,  incase I was caught off-guard and had them memorized by rote.

This is what my 5 year old self wished for –

1. Promise me that my mumma and papa will always love each other and my brother and me – always!
( me more than my brother! – I write this just to tick him off =)))

2. Please make sure that the friendship between my friends and I lasts forever.
( one of my friends was moving out-of-town at that time and probably why this was so important to me )

3. Can I be Alice ( from Alice in Wonderland) ?
( you have to know that I had read every fairy take ever written by the time I was five)

Today, more than two decades later – as I look back and remember those three wishes – I realize I couldn’t have asked for a more close knit family that we are. All my friends that mean the world to me – are closer than ever ( even though we are separated by distance)  And with a husband like my fairy tale prince and this world where I can play dressup and strive to be what I want! Now, isnt that wonderland?

I cant help but wonder if the fairy did come down and grant me my three wishes. And if I happen to meet her today – and have to make 3 wishes – I know, in a heartbeat – I would ask for the same!



And to grant you one wish today – the TrunkUp Boutique and I are bringing to you a chance to win have your own wings – vis-a-vis this top =)) xo -Neha

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