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My heartbeat was getting faster as I rolled into the scanning machine. What resembled a cockpit was swallowing me and I was feeling helpless. I hit the panic button almost instctively and the machine rolled back out. I couldn’t breathe and asked the nurse to get my husband from the waiting room. We decided to give it another try. He promised to keep his hand on my leg to reassure me that he was right there.

They hit the button again and I was being pulled inside. Panic started kicking in and claustrophobia that I did not know existed, was taking over. The deafening sound of the scanner was getting louder, the IV hooked to my arm was causing numbness in my hand and I forced myself to focus on other things. I started thinking about the movie we had seen the night before and how I had missed my run the next morning. Then about the college exam I had almost missed because I overslept due to studying late the night before. Thoughts wandered and I found myself smiling remembering the fun we had at my best friends’ birthday party when we were 10. And I recalled how origamically-challenged  I was then and still am! I can’t fold paper or wrap something to save my life. But how I resort to putting cute bows on top of the messy packing to save the day.

I don’t know if it was the sedative given to calm my nerves or the Richard Clayderman music playing in my ears through the noise-cancelling headphones – amidst the loud noises and the unfounded fear of being in the MRI machine, I was slowly falling asleep. Then something strange happened. I saw myself float out of my body and look at myself – asleep inside the machine with just my feet sticking out. And my husband standing next to me. I smiled. The pretty bow on the gifts made the gifts worth opening inspite of the clumsy wrapping. He had been standing there for the last 90 minutes with his hand on my leg, just as promised. These little things made life worth living and so beautiful amidst all the inexplicable fears and crazy things. It’s like that bow, so precious and worthwhile, making the messy situations in life, completely insignificant!LovePlayingDressup_NehaGandhi_bow_tie_OOTD-3LovePlayingDressup_NehaGandhi_bow_tie_OOTD-8 LovePlayingDressup_NehaGandhi_bow_tie_OOTD-12 LovePlayingDressup_NehaGandhi_bow_tie_OOTD-7 LovePlayingDressup_NehaGandhi_bow_tie_OOTD-14LovePlayingDressup_NehaGandhi_bow_tie_OOTD-9LovePlayingDressup_NehaGandhi_bow_tie_OOTD-10

Rare London skirt – c/o, Madewell white shirt, UKIES heels – c/o ( win a pair – enter giveaway here) , Greg Micheals bag – c/o, double pearl earrings – similar here, bowtie – you can even repurpose an old hair accessory with a safety pin

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  1. This post brought tears to my eyes! So beautiful and sweet. You have a great man. You’ve know him since you were 10? I don’t know if I missed something about you needing an mri but I hope everything is ok! Your writing is just so beautiful! Beautiful outfit, you look just beautiful as always Neha!!!

    Kisses, thinking of you xo


    1. Thank you so much Amanda. You are always so sweet!
      this really means a LOT to me – xx 🙂

  2. Great post beauty! Love the images so much! Inspiring! the skirt color is my fav! Loving the color combo x You can check out my new look on the blog and talking about a new jewelry brand x Mary


  3. Such an awesome and heart-touching post ! My eyes got wet. Love the way you described each details and the images are just too cute.

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