Backyard Picnic

LovePlayingDressup_NehaGandhi_Yard_picnic_OOTD-11As I sit in my living room watching the heavy rain pour outside my window – I cant help but smile thinking of how happy the rain makes me. Being outside and feeling the rain fall on my face makes me come to life. Surprisingly, I am also craving for the sun to be out soon so I can go lie outside in the lawn that I so tediously mowed last weekend =)) I just had an epiphany that I’d like to share with you, my friends  – I am a HUGE fan of the outdoors. And oh – outdoor picnics are just like the cherry on top of the best cake there is!

Even a simple sandwich can seem like tons of fun and a welcome change when enjoyed on a park bench or even in our own beautifully manicured yards. Turn it into an adventure or a romantic afternoon. Packing the picnic basket is one of my favorite parts and I always have mine ready with blankets & books for impromptu ones throughout the season =))


Here are a few things to help you get organized because trust me you don’t want to break the party every now and then to go inside the house to grab something!

1)  Packing list : Cute basket, pretty blankets ( this one is specifically meant for picnics ), sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, books/magazines, bug spray

2) Menu : keep it simple – easy salads, quick sandwiches, fruits, chips, dips, iced tea or sneak in a bottle of bubbly when heading to the park =))

3) Dont forget the essentials : Plates, napkins, silverware, trash bags

4) What to wear : Throw on a pair of shorts or comfortable pants. If you are in a mood to dressup a bit – this sundress is just too cute !

5) Most importantly – don’t put too much thought into it.  Be spontaneous. Have fun !


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    1. awww – thanks so much.. i had a lot of fun setting it up & enjoying it ! 🙂

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