First love affair + a Giveaway

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LovePlayingDressup_Nautica_Fathers_Day_OOTD-6Nautica Life Giftset from Macy’s, wearing : ripped jeans, crochet skirt – similar here & here , top – sold out but similar

We have a secret love affair” – dad announced in the bon-voyage speech he gave at my farewell party when I was leaving for grad school. “Even if we don’t tell that to each other often – we know our love stronger than anything ever”.  A man of few words & he always finds the right things to say.  But isnt it true that a father is the first man in a girl’s life and he sets the standards for the men moving forward?  As a little girl, I remember seeing dad in action with his clients, the respect he commanded, the examples he sets for his staff and how he always made it clear that family is his number one priority – it was then that I declared to my teacher – I want to be like my papa when I grow up! I don’t remember a time when I went to dad with a problem and got a solution. Instead he always tells me a story. He tells the best stories!  Some are true, some from his own experience and some complete fables. Hidden in his stories is the guidance I need, a light that I am unable to see, a starting point and the most important thing – confidence! When I was leaving for  my third grade recital, at the door dad told me – “Neha, when you are up there and there comes a moment when you are scared – just remember to not let anyone know that!” I cannot think of a better advice for every step in life!


LovePlayingDressup_Nautica_Fathers_Day_OOTD-1 LovePlayingDressup_Nautica_Fathers_Day_OOTD-4LovePlayingDressup_Nautica_Fathers_Day_OOTD-2 LovePlayingDressup_Nautica_Fathers_Day_OOTD-3LovePlayingDressup_Nautica_Fathers_Day_OOTD-5LovePlayingDressup_Nautica_Fathers_Day_OOTD-8

Growing up, dad & I had a Saturday tradition of going to the beach and running towards the waves. I picked up this Nautica giftset from Macy’s for dad because it is inspired by water and the memories built around it. This father’s day is going to be extra special because I am flying home to Bombay and will be able to celebrate it with my dad & grandpa.

Nautica is also giving a chance to all my lovely readers a chance to win some exciting prizes that you can share with the anchors in your life – ( just look at the prizes, will you?! =)) ) – xo Neha

Nautica for Dad




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