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LovePlayingDressup_NehaGandhi_Fragrancenet_LightBlue_OOTD-4Nothing brings to life a forgotten memory like fragrance

Isn’t it amazing how a fragrance makes such a huge impression on our minds? A familiar smell of food might make us nostalgic about mom’s kitchen or the scent of cinnamon invariably reminds us of last Christmas! The salty smell of the beach brings back childhood memories of growing up next to it. Its like the key to our memories and the trigger to nostalgia.

I remember this weird incident from college while I was studying at Northeastern. I was in the library, returning books and there was this rather shy ( but very cute ) guy standing next to me. Awkwardly he asked me,  if I was in the library yesterday – 2nd floor – last table near the nook? Before I could reply – he said “I recognized your fragrance”. I am sure I was still blushing when his next words were – If you don’t mind, could you tell me which one it is. I’d like to give it to my girlfriend for her birthday! Embarrassed but flattered (?) =))

I love that people associate me with my perfume when I step into a room and hope that a waft of the smell will fondly remind them of me. I have a few fragrances that I swear by – one of them being Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana. Picking a fragrance that works for you can be tricky – but this is one of those classics that works for most. This was my first actual fragrance purchase (until then it was always sneaking little spritzes from mom’s collection) Today, the traces of jasmine, white rose & musk are just a part of my signature self!

You can shop for the this perfume from Fragrance Net using the code DRESSUP and get a 15% discount! I have been shopping from this site for almost 10 years now and have always found the best deals here and authenticity is guaranteed! And for my India/South Asian readers – they ship internationally as well =))LovePlayingDressup_NehaGandhi_Fragrancenet_LightBlue_OOTD--19LovePlayingDressup_NehaGandhi_Fragrancenet_LightBlue_OOTD-5LovePlayingDressup_NehaGandhi_Fragrancenet_LightBlue_OOTD--17LovePlayingDressup_NehaGandhi_Fragrancenet_LightBlue_OOTD--21LovePlayingDressup_NehaGandhi_Fragrancenet_LightBlue_OOTD--9LovePlayingDressup_NehaGandhi_Fragrancenet_LightBlue_OOTD-2Light Blue ( women /  men ) via Fragrance Net – c/o  | Wearing – lace dressCarolee Jewelry earrings


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