What to do on a Hot Summer Afternoon

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When summer days are few, you make sure that every day counts. Because once the days start getting shorter – all you have is a little bit of summer tucked away in your heart. I am sure I am not the only one – but you have to keep me honest here. Most of our cherished memories are associated with summer. Making sand castles on the beach, riding bikes with friends around the block in the scorching summer sun, pool parties ( and pushing fully clad friends in the water)! Now – am I right or am I right?

One of my favorite part of these beautiful summer days is enjoying tea outside with the mister. Nevermind hot or cold – I’ll have it all! ( helllooo.. I am Indian and we live for tea and I can live ON tea!) Its our own little ritual as we unwind at the end of a day or relax in the afternoon on weekends. These quite moments over tea & some tête-à-tête are what we’ll cherish forever.  (and God save him on days he is not in the mood for some tea! )

Here are six must have simple things for having a perfect summer afternoon

1. The perfect setting – Pick a spot – whether it’s your backyard or the comfort of your living room.
2. Chilled ice tea – I am very particular about our tea – known to some ( ahem – myself) as a connoisseur. 
Bigelow has never disappointed – with its assortment of flavors, quality and individual pouches that keep the freshness intact. These are easily available at your local Walmart incase you’d like to try some yourself.
3. Bites for munching
4. Flowers
5. Music
6. Desserts – to sweeten the moment ( excuse #456 made by the sweet tooth)

I’d love to hear if you have any tea-rituals or memories built around tea =)) xo Neha

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