Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

LovePlayingDressup_Adriana_pappel_copenhagen_OOTD-2It is no secret that I love shopping! And when you can shop from the comfort of your home, in your sweats, watching your favorite show – things can get a little out of control ( especially when you have learnt that online shopping & wine make such a great pair! ) Based on many years of shopping and amassing more “closet warmers” that I am proud of, an overflowing closet encroaching into living space and ofcourse that proverbial hole in the pocket – I think have understood the system and started to work with it! Here are some strategies that I try to follow & have found really helpful.

  1. Avoid impulse buys. More often than not, I have realized that things I have purchased impulsively have rarely ( and sometimes – never! ) seen the light of day.
  2. Shoe rule : Try to pick a shoe that atleast pairs with three outfits in your current closet. I have learnt this purely by experience and my “closet warmers” are constant reminders!  ( however, I do still falter every now & then)
  3. Classics : Trends are great and I am definitely not against them. But a small rule of “invest in a few currently-in-trend pieces and a more classics” will absolutely go a long way.
  4. Stay within budget & keep track of good sales : Am I telling you to never treat yourself to shopping therapies? No! Am I asking you to always shop with a budget in mind? No! ( I don’t think that’s even possible) But I will tell you this – if I really like something ( and don’t have an immediate need for it or dont think that it’ll be sold out soon ) – I bookmark it and wait till it goes on sale! The exception to this rule is obviously – when something really cute or unique or hard to find comes along – its okay! ( as long as the budget allows for it! )
  5. Love it? Does it love you? : Dont go for something because it looked great on someone else. But ONLY because you love it & it loves you back. Let the outfit you have on add to your comfort & confidence.
  6. Playing Dressup should be fun : Every once in a while – step outside of your normal zone and try a new trend or try pairing pieces which you haven’t tried before. Remember, there are no rules when it comes to playing dressup except may be – having fun =))

Now all that brings us to the next portion of the program – the  “Nordtsrom Anniversary Sale

I have way too many items bookmarked and am so happy that almost all of them are on sale. One good thing about this sale is that, it has a lot of new season items and is not really a clearance sale. What that means is – now is the time to stock up on fall ( and even may be winter) pieces. If Spanx are your bffs or you haven’t joined this popular bandwagon –then get them on a huge sale right now!

 Here are some of my picks




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  1. It’s so sad that I’m not shopping and I love all your rules when shopping! Especially the shoes I have way too many of those to account for.

    Would love for you to stop by for my latest post!

    xo, Jessica || The Petite Diaries

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