The Race

Love_Playiing_Dressup_Cafe_Nero_OOTD-2Blouse, Hidden Room skirt – c/o , Pumps

Last month, when I was home in Bombay and the jetlag was getting the better of me, I decided to get out of the house and run. I love to run. That’s the only time I can truly be alone. The truth is, I love being alone. It was 4.30am and the sun was slowly coming out, but the track had come to life already! It was filled with runners and as if someone had blown the whistle – the race had begun. The race to get through the day – to get in a quick workout, go to work, hustle, do the dance, make the dinner reservation, reply to the emails, socialize, untie those shoe laces only to tie them back again for the next day. Repeat!

I realized I was running the race too. I started with all my might. Found myself going past those I had started with and seeing some run past me. I got out of breath and slowed down. I checked my app – only 0.89miles so far! A long way to go. I couldn’t slow down with so much more to go. The voice in my head was louder than the music coming from my Beats and it pushed me to go.

I am happiest when I am running. On the go. Sitting still has been my biggest challenge. I checked the app again. Almost there but then I updated my goal. Lets go a little bit more this time. Suddenly, out of no where – I felt a little droplet on my forehead. Just as I looked up to see where it came from – the sky opened up and started pouring. Ofcourse! Its Bombay & the monsoon season. The rains will find you when you least expect them.

Everyone was scrambling. Trying to find the shelter of a tree or run towards their car. But this time I did not want to run. I found a park bench and waited. Nothing feels more comforting than rain on my face. Childhood memories of being carefree and jumping in these very rains, in this very city, in this very season came back. I realized I hadn’t done that in a very long time! I have been running – running towards the finish line that I define and re-define all the time. I looked at how far I had come inspite of almost giving up at some point in the run. I couldn’t sit anymore which is normal. But this time when I got up –  I did not run. I looked-up, smiled & jumped.

Happy birthday – Love Playing DressupLove_Playiing_Dressup_Cafe_Nero_OOTD-3Love_Playiing_Dressup_Cafe_Nero_OOTD-4 Love_Playiing_Dressup_Cafe_Nero_OOTD-6Love_Playiing_Dressup_Cafe_Nero_OOTD-5 Love_Playiing_Dressup_Cafe_Nero_OOTD-7 Love_Playiing_Dressup_Cafe_Nero_OOTD-9 Love_Playiing_Dressup_Cafe_Nero_OOTD-12




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  1. I love your post! I too love to run and love to do it when no one else is watching 🙂 This skirt is so dreamy on you! Would love it if you would stop by my latest post!

    xo, Jessica || The Petite Diaries

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