Corporate Girl’s Dressup Guide

Love_Playiing_Dressup_UNODE50_SheInside-8Shein dress -c/o, Henri Bendel satchel – c/o, pumps – really cute budget option, Rayban sunnies

When I see my friends working in retail & fashion, I cannot help but feel the pangs of jealousy over the one perk that they have & I sadly don’t – outfit choices – freedom & flexibility. While they rock their culottes – in the corporate environment where I deal with engineers and numbers crunching analysts – culottes have been misconstrued for PJs and a  blazer can only mean one thing – interview for another job!

While corporate fashion can have limited choices, it absolutely doesn’t have to be boring or uninspired. While neutral tones, black, grey and beige rule the roost in office wardrobes – I definitely don’t mind inserting patterns, prints and colors and keep things – well, not boring!

When it comes to playing corporate dressup and still glitzing up a bit – there are few tricks that come to mind –

1) Balance is the key : If you just snagged a bold fuchsia colored top, balance it out with a beige or black bottom. Try not to be overwhelmed by the colors and dont stand out ( in a negative way) in a room full of corporates.

2) Comfort is also the key : Cognizance to decolletage & length of the attire is not being conservative ( in my opinion). Let the focus be on the work we do, right ladies =)) Your shoe choice for a long day or work travel also goes in this bucket.

3) Statement pieces : I always keep a few statement pieces at bay – which instantly bring life to a boring outfit.

4) Throw on & go – Most days I am running late for early morning meetings and if its one of those “nothing looks good on me” days (tell me I am not the only one & trust me – that’s not true =))) , I am very conveniently reaching for my throw on & go dresses. Now that I think about it – I think my mind automatically picks dresses that need no fuss. This one from Shein definitely fits the bill. With its floral print and subdued pastels – it’s the perfect candidate because you still look put-together sans jewelery.

5) Structured Blazer : This is the holy grail of all the tricks. Throw it on over a dress, pair of pants, romper or even those culottes & you’ve injected sophistication – just like that!

Do you have the no-dress-code code at work or do you have to dress like the career contessa? I’d love to know =))  xo NehaLove_Playiing_Dressup_UNODE50_SheInside-6 Love_Playiing_Dressup_UNODE50_SheInside-10 Love_Playiing_Dressup_UNODE50_SheInside-11 Love_Playiing_Dressup_UNODE50_SheInside-13Love_Playiing_Dressup_UNODE50_SheInside-1Love_Playiing_Dressup_UNODE50_SheInside-14Love_Playiing_Dressup_UNODE50_SheInside-4Shein dress -c/o, Henri Bendel satchel – c/o, pumps – really cute budget option, Rayban sunnies




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