Easy Breakfast in Bed

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There’s no pleasure greater than the promise of a lazy day stretching in front of you. This past sunday, Amit and I woke up a bit later than our usual time and sat lazily awake chatting in a sleepy Sunday stupor. But then someone had to finally get up to cater to those growling stomachs! When its raining outside, you are still in bed and have a full queue of Netflix ready – do you know during these times, what’s better than breakfast in bed? Breakfast that you can make in bed.

Neha-Gandhi-quaker-ootd-1I remembered the strawberry Almond flavor Quaker® Real Medleys® Yogurt Cups that I had bought recently from Walmart ( which by the way are available in the cold cereal aisle if you happen to be looking for them ). If there’s one overly cheesy romantic line that I use on the mister,  it has got to be – “I am tired and so are you – but if you still make me breakfast – it’ll be greater than saying I love you”. Go ahead – roll your eyes =)) But this was my chance to earn some brownie points – or shall we say – parfait points!FullSizeRenderNeha-Gandhi-quaker-ootd-3I have the easiest and the most delicious parfait recipe for your lazy breakfast mornings.

  • Just pour some cold milk straight into the Quaker medley cup and let it sit for a few minutes.
  • Meanwhile, layer the glass with a few pieces of shortbread cookies. ( these ones especially are little drops of heaven that melt in your mouth ) – but you can really use anything – granola, chocolate cookies, leftover cake …
  • Add the contents of the yogurt cup ( with the added cold milk ), layer with strawberries and a couple of sprigs of mint.


The best part about this recipe is that you can make it the way your heart fancies, mix and match, create as many layers as you like. The Quaker medley with the perfect convergence of yogurt, granola and fruit is simply Cool. Crunchy. Yum! And oh-so filling, we binged straight into three hours of Netflix while it poured softly outside =)) ( which really says something   – because I am hungry all the time! )

Neha-Gandhi-quaker-ootd-6 Neha-Gandhi-quaker-ootd-4Neha-Gandhi-quaker-ootd-5Wearing : Ralph Lauren sleep shirt

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