Farmer’s Market Run

Neha-Gandhi-farmers-market-ootd-1Outfit details: Ami Clubwear dress, Zee Alexis booties – c/o, Goyard tote, Rayban sunnies

At the risk of saying this aloud and jinxing it, I have to say that this summer has been pretty amazing. The days have been beautifully sunny and we’ve had more warm days than any other year I can remember. Even the weather-cynic in me thinks that this time the warm season has broken all records in the book of amazing-ness. ( can you please knock on wood now! )Neha-Gandhi-farmers-market-ootd-2Neha-Gandhi-farmers-market-ootd-12

One summer ritual that I cannot get enough of, is shopping at the local farmer’s markets. I have childhood memories of trailing behind mom while she shopped at the local market back when I was in Bombay, tasting the fruits before buying them and bumping into some one familiar ..priceless! You just don’t get the same experience shopping at the big grocery stories.

Neha-Gandhi-farmers-market-ootd-4 Neha-Gandhi-farmers-market-ootd-16

Keeping comfort in mind, I threw on this chambray dress and pulled my new pair of Zee Alexis booties for an afternoon of shopping at the Lexington farmer’s market. Did you read that these  booties were sent to me by People Style Watch & The Outfit ( OMG! ) – so aside from the obvious fact for which I am in love with them, they are perfect for late summer dresses and will pair great with tights.

IG_Neha-Gandhi-farmers-market-ootd-1Neha-Gandhi-farmers-market-ootd-6 Neha-Gandhi-farmers-market-ootd-17

Denim dresses to take into fall



Dont forget them totes – to avoid the obvious eyeroll of the local vendors when you ask for bags =)) xo – Neha

Neha-Gandhi-farmers-market-ootd-3 Neha-Gandhi-farmers-market-ootd-7

Outfit details: Ami Clubwear dress, Zee Alexis booties – c/o, Goyard tote, Rayban sunnies




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