Little White Dress

liitle-white-dress-to-work-ootdOutfit details: Trunk-up dress -c/o, sunnies, pumps, Goyard bag

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I have a rather embarrassing story to share. The story starts in India. My mom was cleaning her closet and I was trying to score everything that mom wanted to throw away. My eye caught this yarn of white satin and immediately had my dress design juices flowing. And in just a few days our trusted seamster, transformed that my vision into the prettiest shift dress.

Lets fast forward a few years and come to the other side of the world – Boston! A few days into my first job, post graduation, I was rummaging through my closet and found the satin shift dress in a pile that I had completely forgotten. (why would I need anything but my juicy sweats and baggy jeans in school anyway) Very excitedly I put it on and strutted to work anticipating a lot of compliments and gloating that the design was my idea. I had barely kept my bag down when one of my male colleagues known to be a man of few words walked over and said – how come you are wearing your wedding dress to work! I swear all the blood my body rushed to my face at that moment…! I don’t remember if he meant that as a joke or an innocent comment – honestly I don’t remember a word after hearing “wedding dress”! I threw that dress in a never-to-wear-or-dont-even-look-at-it pile.

In my defense – I grew up in India and being the different culture that it is, it never occurred to me that a white satin dress would be inappropriate for work. But the idea behind the little white dress as with anything when playing dressup is – moderation! The material, cut, silhouette, other details – everything matters! A white dress can as easily exude sophistication and class as it can grace the bridal trousseau.

This one from Trunkup Boutique is perfect for a desk to drinks kind of day. I also found some white dresses that you can safely wear to work – see the widget below. And incase you were wondering – I did wear that satin white dress again – for Halloween =)) xo – Neha

liitle-white-dress-to-work-ootdliitle-white-dress-to-work-ootd liitle-white-dress-to-work-ootd IG-Love-Playiing-Dressup-trunkup-boutique-ootd-1Outfit details: Trunk-up dress -c/o, sunniespumps, Goyard bag






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