Best Sandwich Ever

nutella-marshmallows-strawberry-sandwich-loveplayingdressup-I was up late last night reading my book ( Leaving Time – Jodi Picault). I must have fallen asleep with the book on my face thinking of something sweet because I woke with a massive craving for … not sure what … but then this sandwich was born.

Now, will you please look at that sandwich…if this is not heaven, then pray tell me what is! It’s the easiest to make and the most decadent sandwich I’ve ever put in my mouth. Oh my god – I am not even kidding – but I am sure I have died and gone to heaven. And I am not sad – because this is pretty darn good!nutella-marshmallows-strawberry-sandwich-loveplayingdressuprecipe


  • Spread a little ( or a lot of  ) Nutella to two slices of bread.
  • Arrange thinly cut slices of strawberries on one slice and place the other on top.
  • Toast it. I used my sandwich grill – a skillet would also work.
  • Once properly toasted, layer some marshmallows in between the two slices of grilled bread.
  • Lather with more nutella or butter or dust some powdered sugar on top.

Let the nutella and strawberry and marshmallow goodness smear the sides of your face.  Lick and live! =)) xo – Neha




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